Review: The Mentalist S06E04


I just smile when I watched this episode. I noticed two big information and the answer to why Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) smirked when Homeland Security breached his place in the last Season 5.

The episode start off with a murder of Benjamin Marx. Patrick Jane and Teressa Lisbon were, as we say “invited” to the crime scene by F.B.I Agent Reede Smith. after some observations, Q and A with Smith, Patrick told Lisbon that the killing maybe related to the false list of Red John’s suspect that he made up. Now, my fellow readers, is one plot that answered the smirk. :):)..

Plot continues (seriously, guys. Just watch it XDXD).. Later, we know that Robert Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan) was the culprit behind the killing. Robert have the same revenge as Patrick although their method are rather different. after being captured, Robert told Patrick that he have something to say about Red John. It turns out that Red John is one the member of big secret Organization that reach high level staff and also lower level.

Robert was killed by Agent Smith, and the last word that Smith said was “Tiger, Tiger”.. ..

OOOhhh, And by the way, Agent Van Pelt And Agent Rigsby finishes off the episode by going to the hotel to well, make out.


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