Welcome to My World

Word is a powerful weapon a mankind already have. My name is Akoxix. Yeah, I know is a alias name, but seriously I like this name. So, to Introduction. I’m 23 years old and like playing games and watching movie. So, my blog will be mostly reviews on games and movies that I already watched. In my own words.. I could care damn less about others opinion. anyhow, there will be a lot of grammar error. So, everyone can email me what’s wrong and I’ll try to fix it. This is MY way of learning English and hope we can all be a good blog family, hopefully. By the way, I will also write about the slices of life. IS that correct? Slices Of Life.. well, sometimes.. not everytimes. :)). Any Ideas or thought, you can email me at akoxix@gmail.com. Blog is fun right?? so, I’ll write when I in the mood. :):)

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