5 Reasons: Start Blogging

In early days I always told my friends that I have no time for blogging and doesn’t have a motivation to do it. Well, in early brainstorming I  always want to do a Gundam based blog to display my creativity and share my techniques with other Gundam Builder. That idea was 2 years ago and seem to cross my mind sometime but, I just don’t have the courage to do so.

But, all of these negativity changes a month ago. Here are 5 reasons on why I started blogging:

    1. Mattew Santoro. Yup, you heard me. Him. An online personality that I found on youtube. I stumbled upon him when I was watching some game review(seriously, I drifted a long way). then, I watched one of his videos. His videos always have some info that we can learn but most importantly, he have a positive mind. His way of presenting facts is very very amusing to me, at least. Here is his channel : http://www.youtube.com/MatthewSantoro.
    2. Right now, I feel blogging is like a way to talk about something that people cannot comprehend. I like Gundam, Movies and Games. And people around me want me to act mature because they cannot accept of who I am. Seriously, people I’m mature in my own way.
    3. Yes, as I wrote in previous post, this is my way to improve my English. English is not my native language so, I figured this is alternative way to learn English rather than in school. I used to write in forum to ask about anything regarding my interest and I always afraid that I’m going to messed up on what to convey.
    4. I want to find a job as a freelance writer. But first, I need to build my reputation, right?. so, blogging is one way to represent my creativity on making some ideas to a client. Once a base have been build, I will pursue to a higher level of writing.
    5. Last but not least, I want make some friends. I’m still a newbie in this blogging area so, please help me. Give me some ideas and thought to expand our creativity and improve our self.

Best Regard, Akoxix.index


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