Review: LEGO Marvel Superheroes


This is the first time I play a Lego game. Seriously, the first time. And I’m not regret playing it. Two words, cute and funny. That summarize everything. 😉 But, let’s get down to business.


Now, the game in my opinion focuses on problem solving. Because the gameplay is simple. Especially when fighting the boss. Seriously, this is my ever first time fighting boss by using the environmental element in most on the time, like 90%. We will get to this in a short time. The fighting style is rather simple but what’s really interested to me is the character’s behavior during scenes, fighting and when we not in control of it. The main menu is simple with no high-end tech intro sort of things. What really brings the game out in my opinion is the variety of characters and the side missions. Kinda like GTA but with no foul language and filled with candy moments.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes


The story begins with Silver Surfer was gunned down by an unknown aircraft (it is known later that the aircraft belongs to Dr. Doom). The Avengers are alerted by the rampage of Sandman causing damages to the city. Later, it’s was revealed that Dr. Doom is collecting Cosmic Bricks and gathering evil all around the world to back him up includes The X-Men evil characters such as Magneto, Green Goblins, Venom and much more. If you play the story line, the story is simple and understandable, saving the world and what not. At the end, we can see that the real villain here is Loki, the God of Mischief. Yeah, I kinda wishing that the voice actor of Loki would be Tom Hiddleston. That would super awesome!! You want to know the end?? Play the game yourself or watch it from somewhere. 🙂

Lego 3


Now, don’t be too skeptical about me, but this is my first game ever that have over 150 characters in one game without the DLC. I mean, just wow!! You can be anyone you want. Seriously, no joking there. You can be Wolverine or Jean or Venom or Dr. Octopus or Iron-Man. Hell, you can even be Magneto or Loki himself!! Their powers are simple and in my opinion, accurate. I don’t need to describe powers, right? All around the world would what Thor can do, right? What intrigues me is their when you are not controlling them. I mean you play in tag but you can play solo and the other one will be controlled by computer. They are soooooo cute!!! I am DONE.


Alright, the ingame play is tag team. But, you can play solo and stil manage control both characters. The levels are playable once you finish it. The overworld (or we can call it, open world) are condensed with side missions, race and collectible so you can have a chance on using all the characters you like. A level consist of a story line and a free play. In story line, as it says, the characters are fixed but in free play, you can freely changes the character because there are some collectible in the level that need specific skill such as Telekinetic, Magnetism, Claw, Web and more. Puzzle are simple (to me, of course) and if you focus only on the story line, you can finish it in less than 12 hours. Seriously though, please don’t forget to eat, sleep and bath. Damn, you stink!! One word after you finishes the story, COLLECTIBLES.

The Verdict

Okay, here comes the hammer! To me, the game is stunning, even in the little details. Full of LEGOs. The story is simple but the wide variety of characters that sticks me to the chair. The gameplay is in your hand, the NPCs are very nice. They THANK me for hijacking a car in contrast with GTA, they CURSE me for it. Fun for kids, enjoyable for adult. If you looking a game that includes puzzle and a stress release, this is the game. THE GAME!!

MY SCORE : 5/5


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  1. Thanks, Lego Games are awesome in general. I also like Assassin Creed too. I followed you because you do seem to have similar taste although I haven’t watch Supernatural ever since I got my job.


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