Review: Supernatural S09E03



The boys are back. In my opinion, this episode focuses on as Castiel live his life as a human and how the Whinchesters learned that there is a new player in town.

The story started as an angel meeting with two priests and ask them for Castiel whereabout. Castiel, now known as Clarence is a homeless guy stay in a nearby church and working to earn some cash. Castiel whines about how tiresome to urinates, don’t know how saves up food supply and sleep. He describes sleep as a process, complicated process. Seriously, if I going to be friends with this guy, I have to bring him some 101 books about life.

Back to the Whinchesters, Dean have a hard time dealing with Sam/Ezekiel. Through Ezekiel info, they travel searching for Castiel. Later, in the story it’s revealed that a bounty hunter was send to follow them in searching for Castiel. The bounty hunter was assigned by Bartholomew, Naomi’s protégé. Bartholomew (Adam Harrington) as in right now, want to kill Castiel because the fallen angels event occur due to him.

Castiel meet April Kelly (Shannon Lucio) who helps him in Castiel’s confusion. They make out and have sex.. DONE!! J. April betray Castiel’s trust because April is in fact, a bounty hunter send to kill him. Sam and Dean fortunately arrived on time based on Ezekiel’s info and save the day.

At the end , Ezekiel make a hard choice for Dean to choose. Well, pretty one sided choice if I dare say. Dean must choose either to let Castiel stay or let him leave in order for Ezekiel to stay and heal his brother. Dean already made the choice, but what is Castiel’s response to that?? Stay tune..







2 responses to “Review: Supernatural S09E03

  1. Perfect. That first line. That is exactly what episode three, season nine was about. Castiel is human and oh, here’s an angel villain, Bartholomew. Castiel could definitely use a Life for Dummies book. Short and sweet review. Please keep writing! 🙂


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