Review: Supernatural S09E04


Girl Power, baby!!!! This time is about The Wizard of Oz. Yup, that one but much darker one. Recurrent role appears in this episode is Charlie (Felicia Day)!! Yeayyyyy!! The hot, lesbian IT nerd.

The story starts off with a 70’ black and white style. Two newly assigned Man of Letters is shown to setting up a machine what is later known as The Angel Cluster Indicator (I named it myself). Later, a hunter known as Dorothy (Kaniehtiio Horn)  walks in, bringing a captured witch with her.

Back to the present, Sam and Dean discovered the machine and try to hot-wired it so the machine can track angels. Dean accidentally hit a shelf while try to open up the machine. A container accidentally opened up and Dorothy pops out from a cocoon, I think. The Winchesters found out that Dorothy locked the witch with her as there are no other ways to kill her.

Crowley tell the boys that witch was looking for a key and Dorothy knows what kind of key they talked about. A key to world of Oz.. Wow, I wish I have that one. Imagine the variety of stuff I can do.. J Dean found the key, and unfortunately the witch has it. While at that, Charlie sacrificed herself while protecting Dean and unknowingly, Charlie die. Dean asked Ezekiel to bring her back and the adventure continues.  At this point, Sam already suspecting something as Dean called out “ Zeke!!!” before rescuing Charlie.

Now comes the best part, Sam and Dean were controlled by the witch and assigned to kill the girls. Dorothy fights both of them while Charlie, goes on killing the witch. Oh, and Charlie managed to kick Dean in the balls! Ouch..

In the end, Dorothy ask Charlie to follow her to Oz because Charlie was looking for a quest, magic something like that. Sam and Dean was in aw when both of the girls make their way to Oz by entering a garage door. (Wow, a fort that have a dungeon and a garage. That’s just wow!)

This Episode is quite nice as it is rare to see Sam and Dean powerless against a witch.  Well, see ya next time.XDXD



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