Review: Supernatural S09E05


Bring back the good ol’ hunting!! Yup, taking a break from whole demon killing stuff, the Winchester taking in a case where a taxidermist was killed and the only witness, is a dog named Colonel.

A victim was killed by an unknown snake-like monster and his dog, saw everything. Dean took Sam’s suggestion on working out this case as a break from their busy demon killing. As usual, Dean is still worried over his brother’s sickness reluctantly agree. Now, after interviewed some people, second murder occurred. An adoption pet shop’s clerk was murdered, by the same monster. Also, the witness is that same dog that Dean and Sam found.

This is my best part in this episode. I laughed so hard.. haha!! XDXD.. In order to gain some information about the killer, Dean learned dog language. Haha.. and later, Dean finds out that the spell have some side effects. Examples like, playing fetch, barking at the mailman and scratching the back of his head. Haha.. Dean, now bonded with the dog go back to the shop finding some clues. Apparently, he learned that all animals understand each other, some sort of universal language, according to Colonel.

Their detective works lead to a restaurant. The Winchesters learned that a chef named Leo (Steve Valentine) practice shamanism. He eats animal organ to gain their strength and power. As people says, “You are what you eat”. They split up to find the chef.

Unfortunately, Sam was ambushed by the chef who gained the power of chameleon. You know what chameleon’s specialty, right? Injured in the neck, Sam was healed by Ezekiel again. Leo surprised to see this and ask Sam, “What are you?”. Then, Sam collapsed and the Chef took him and being ready about eating Sam’s heart to get that healing power.

Dean was captured by Leo, and instantly know that Leo suffered from cancer. Seriously, can a dog know that? But then again, we know so little about animals, right? Dean managed to escape and lure Leo to a pack of dogs. Then, the dogs kills him. Wait, what??? Can a pet dog do that??

By the end of the episode, Sam ask Dean for some answer about weirdness that happened on him, and Dean once again managed to dodge the bullet. Wow, imagined if Sam know that he have angel in his body from someone else?? Haha.. until then, see ya..XDXD


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