Review: Supernatural S09E06


When we met Castiel for last time, Dean didn’t allowed him to stay with him for safety reasons. Now, we saw him as a… sale associate? Haha.. and he’s also known as as Steve. Do you know that the name Steve is the 74th common used name in US according to this?

Back in the bunker, Kevin hit a dead end when translating the Angel’s tablet. Kevin stated that he managed to translate the tablet to an ancient dead language, Elamites. Well, Dean said “doodles”. Haha..:) I just love these guys. Dean got a call from Castiel and he got a case of  people disappearing. Using that as an excuse (Kevin already know that), Dean starts off leaving Sam and Kevin working on the tablet.

While investigating, Dean meet Castiel in a retail shop. Castiel explained to Dean that he is now a human, there is no power, no grace and there is nothing he can do now except living his life as a human. On investigation scene, Castiel recognized a pink residue and tells Dean that an angel caused that. Castiel continues explaining, it’s a special class of Angel, called Hands Of Mercy. These angels tended the wounded on the Battlefield of Heavens, they healed those who could be healed, but when an angel is mortally wounded, it is these angel’s duty to the end their suffering quick and total. These angels rendered death virtually painless. The pink residue was their signature.

Castiel ask Dean to send him to Nora’s house, his boss. Dean and Castiel thought it was supposed to be a date but unfortunately, Nora means babysitting her baby. Damn, is Castiel being Baby-zoned by her?? Later, Castiel met a member of Hands Of Mercy, Ephraim. Ephraim explained, he found Castiel by his pain and suffering because Castiel is a human rather than an angel. Castiel thought that he was going for the baby but in fact, Ephraim targeted Castiel so that he can end Castiel’s suffering. Fortunately, Dean came and rescued Castiel before Ephraim able to finishes his job.

Moving back a little, Sam and Kevin made a deal to Crowley. In return for translating, Crowley can make one phone call. To Abaddon. Kevin reluctantly gave his blood to Crowley as a medium for this. Crowley found out that Abaddon is collecting souls early than it is supposed to, voiding his contracts. Abaddon’s ambition is to reshape Hell and dethrone the current King of Hell. Crowley keeps his end of the deal  by translating that the Spell Of Metatron is irreversible.

Soon after that, we see Crowley injected Kevin’s blood to his body. At this point, I don’t know what going to happen. Is he trying to find his good side like in Season 8? Or, trying to execute his secret plan of escaping?? I don’t know. Just have to stay tune for next week. See ya..XDXD



3 responses to “Review: Supernatural S09E06

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  2. Ah yeah. Crowley injecting Kevin’s blood was really confusing. But we’ll find out soon what that meant. Btw Baby-Zoned! lol That’s awesome. You can only be a babysitter in Nora’s eyes, Castiel. Sorry. Good recap!


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