Review: The Mentalist S06E06


Seriously, what did I tell you before?? A cliffhanger!!! Haha.. this is the one of the most darkest episode in this series, in my opinion.

Patrick already got the leverage to find out who is Red John and embarked a journey to find him. The story starts off with Patrick setting up a shotgun and a handgun in his home. And waited for someone to arrive. But, I thought Patrick feared guns? Well, in this case, his resolved determination conquered all.

The plot rewind back to two days ago.

Tuesday. He discussed the finding with the team and concluded that he must bring all five of them together to reveal the killer. Patrick met Reede Smith and told him to come at Thursday night at 8pm. He agreed although he demanded an answer from Patrick. Later, Patrick called Tom McAllister and asked him to keep his end of the deal. He tells Tom the same date as he told Smith. Bret Stiles on the other hand, knew that Patrick Jane was looking for him. We, as the viewer were led by him to a ceremony where he told his follower than he will be gone to a higher level.

Wednesday. Lisbon met Ray Haffner at 8am. Lisbon also said the same thing to Ray and told him, if he is not coming, then Patrick will assume he is Red John and will not tolerate to kill him. Lisbon also ask about Bret’s whereabouts. Although indirectly, the team manage to track down Bret and sent Grace Van Pelt to see him. The visitation resulted in failure. Patrick ran on some errand and we found out that he bought a shotgun.

bought a shotgun.

Thursday. The day of reckoning. Lisbon and Jane met Gale Bertram. They succeeded in making Gale agree to meet. After they went out, we saw Gale calling his fellow organization about the meeting. Jane met Bert to persuade him to join him. Jane realized that Bert was going to die soon. At 8pm sharp, all five of them arrived. After been threaten by Patrick, all five of them opened up their shirt to reveal the tattoo. Only 3 of them have the same description of tattoo that Kira gave. Gale Bertram, Reede Smith and Tom McAllister. As camera rolled outside, we heard gunshots being fired.

Abandoned by Patrick, Lisbon arrived at the scene, only later being blown away by an explosion. The fate of Patrick Jane and others remain unknown. See!! What did I tell you?? A damn cliffhanger!! ~sighh~ until next time.. see ya..XDXD



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