Review: The Wolverine 2013



The wolverine. Yup. That Hugh Jackman’s wolverine. My expectation about this movie is quite high actually but sadly, not high as I hoped for. Correct me if I’m wrong, the story occurred after Logan killed Jane in X-Men: The Last Stand. Let’s review plot by plot shall we.

Plot 1.

The appetizer. We are served with a story when Logan was held captive by the Japanese in WWII. Then, a nuclear bomb was dropped near the camp where he was held. Logan was freed by a soldier named Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi) and later, he saved that soldier from been killed by the explosion. Yashida want to give his samurai sword as a thank you but Logan refused to take it.

The Wolverine- International Trailer[19-37-33]

Plot 2.

Back in the present, Logan picked a fight with some hunters but, a girl named Yukio (Rila Fukushima) stopped him. Yukio told him that Master Yashida (Yes, the same Yashida) want him to come to Tokyo as he wants to say thanks and good  bye to Logan. After meeting with Master Yashida, Logan found out that he can make him mortal. Logan refused to take the offer. He then met Mariko (Tao Okamoto) and Shingen (Hiroyuki Sanada). Later, Viper poisoned Logan with “something”. I think that should conclude the introduction right??


Plot 3.

Okay, to show off the effect of “something” that interferes with Logan’s healing ability, we sent Yakuza. The Yakuza attacked the funeral (because Yashida died) and try to kidnap Mariko. The attacks continued until the famous train scene!! Yup, no need for explanation right?? Okay, move on. Logan led Mariko to a love hotel to avoid the Yakuza. Wait, there was no sex involved. C’mon guys, seriously?? After an ambushed, Logan was saved by the veterinarian… student. Mariko took Logan to a safe house where Yukio and she played when they are little. Now, their emotion have sparked a little. Some make out, well, that’s just it.. haha.. then, Mariko was kidnapped and Logan headed to Yashida’s mansion. Or should I say, castle??


Plot 4.

Yukio told Logan that she predicted Logan die while holding his own heart. At Yashida’s place, Logan found out that “something” was actually a tiny robot that messed with his heart. Prepared to die, Logan took the robot by his own hand,  and died as a result. While Yukio protected him from being slayed by Shingen, he was revived and killed Shingen easily. Now, both of them headed to Yashida’s birthplace where the climax and the conclusion meet.


Plot 5.

Moving on. Viper managed to captured Logan. Viper also suprised that suppressing bug that she put was destroyed by Logan. Logan himself. There, we saw a huge samurai armor made of adamantium. The pilot is none other than Yashida himself. well, technically his was dead, but the armor keep him alive. Sort of.. Just before Yashida managed to sliced down Logan’s claw, Mariko steps in. After that, a climax baby. In order to free Mariko, Logan fights with Yashida but unfortunately, Yashida succeeded in cutting down Logan’s claw in the process. Yashida almost managed to get the regenerative power in Logan, but Mariko killed him in the nick of time. After that, happy ending all the way down.. haha.. XDXD


Plot 6.

Secret ending. Two years later, Logan at the airport. Logan was going to pass through a metal detector where he saw all metal coins, metal things vibrate vigorously. He realized who the only one who can do that. Magneto. Yup, we saw he have his back. At the same time, Logan sensed everything around him stopped. Freeze.And, Professor X came. Seriously, that’s for the next movie I hope. Right now, my question is the same as Logan. How???


see ya.. XDXD

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