PS4 emerges from the darkness!!!


PS4 FTW!!!! I’m a PS4 gamer. Not to say that I’m a fanboy but I prefer PS4 more than Xbox One. Right!! This week marked the launch of Sony’s game console, Playstation 4 a.k.a PS4.

I’m not getting the console until around next year, I hope. This is due to:

  1. I’m waiting for a stable, cheaper one. Maybe a second batch form Sony.
  2. My budget is until the end of this year which not including the console. I know the announcement was at June at E3, but come on. The price was revealed much later after that.
  3. Waiting for more game releases. Yup, almost all the game I love comes out next year. Watch Dog, Drive Club and most probably GTA 5.
  4. Lastly, yeahh.. I shared my money with my brother. Because, hey we love the same thing. So our budget will be planned next year.

This is the spec sheet courtesy of by this. I say this is a lot of power coming from a slick console. I know it may not be comparable to the high –end PC but at least, it’s cheaper. Did you know, the cost of making PS4 similar hardware in PC is roughly around $1000?. That’s about MYR3000 converter in our currency.


According to IGN, I million PS4 was sold in day one. And that’s only in North America. Surprisingly passing the PS3 and PS2 mark. Yup, I just can say, congratulations to the one who succeeded in buying it..


Lastly, here’s an Ultimate FAQ for PS4.

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