Review: Marvel Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E02


Last time, we heard 0-8-4 warning that was told by Ward. The location: Peru. Coulson told Skye that last time they had this warning, they found a hammer (referring to Thor). In summary to me, this episode was kinda like a how the team works together initially and after. The story starts of in Incan Excavation Site in Peru where an unknown device was found by an archeologist. Coulson’s team arrived and starts off an investigation. They concluded that the device is 1500 years old but Fitz was skeptical saying that the device is… almost German. Meanwhile, Skye felt like she was tagging along, don’t know what to do. Coulson clarified that she was to divert any news that lead to any discoveries that SHIELD found which was the opposite of the Rising Tide’s objectives. Moving on.

The team was ambushed (well, technically not seeing Ward and May found them) by rebels and saved by national police lead by Comander Camilla Reyes (Leonor Varela). She and Coulson had a history together back in the day. What history??. That’s classified, I mean seriously classified. Skye asked. The attack continued, Coulson’s team and Reyes’ ran away from the scene and went straight to the bus. In the nick of time, they survived. So we have Coulson’s team and Reyes’ team in the bus.

While Coulson was busy treating Reyes, the team on the other hand had communication issue. Ward, being a specialist felt burdened as he never work in a team. Fitz and Simmons panicked because they never been in a firefight before. And there is Skye, a tag along who felt like she never belong in the team. Coulson breaks the fight off by saying they have to think on how to solve this rather than fight for it. Coulson also apologized to May due to the shooting incident.

The plot revealed that Reyes was actually intended to hijacked the plane. Coulson realized this and so does Ward. Ward, Fritz, Simmons, Skye and May had been captured and placed at the hangar while Coulson is kept close by Reyes’s side to answer SHIELD HQ’s calls. Reyes disappointed in Coulson’s team but Coulson stood up for them saying this is a hand-picked team and they’re good. The team finally settled down and resolved their communication issue. Also, they managed to came up with an idea to save the plane and themselves. A crazy one.

The was to blow up a portion of plane’s wall so that the cabin’s pressure decrease and they can take over the plane. By using the device tesseract’s power (Yes, the finally known was powered the device), they blew the wall and most of the Reyes’s people were sucked out of the plane thus, saving the day. The plane survived from a crash, the device is safely brought to HQ and Reyes was locked up in a detention facility.

And to our surprise, Director Fury came on set. Haha!! Samuel L. Jackson, the person himself. Furious about the plane’s condition, Fury warned Coulson about the risk of bringing Skye with them. We also watched Skye replied “I’m in” in a message concerned The Rising Tide. Is Skye a friend or foe??? Stay tune..

See ya.. XDXD



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