Review: Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E03


Yeah.. the third episode. And this time, a certain SHIELD professor was kidnapped. Here’s how it began.

A trailer’s driver witnessed his bodyguard’s car getting thrown over by unseen enemy. The driver was revealed to be a SHIELD agent. Later, his trailer also received the same attack by the unseen enemy. The container was forced open by a group of soldier and it was revealed that a professor named Dr. Fraklin Hall (Ian Hart) sat while asking “are we there?”.

Back in the plane, Ward trained Skye, acting as her SO (Supervise Officer). Skye reluctantly do the training, make jokes proven that she was not committed to the cause. Coulson alerted the team with a new assignment. Fritz and Simmons was shocked hearing the news. At the crime scene, they finally uncovered what was their common enemy. A very rare substance called Gravitonium. A very rare that some may believe that it is not existed in this planet. Well, I’m not sure how to explain Gravitonium effect because I don’t understand it either. Watch the episode to experience it by yourself. In summary, the process will cause the gravity to bend itself. Hall finally known who are the one kidnapped him. Ian Quinn (David Conrad), a billionaire who claimed that he had ‘saved’ Hall from SHIELD.

Quinn announced to Hall that he already found the substance and sweet talked Hall to finishes his dream work. Hall surprisingly agreed. Back in the plan, the team argues on how to infiltrate Quinn’s territory which was a foreign nation by the way. Excluded from international law. Skye offered herself much to Ward dismay because she was inexperience. Coulson also excluded May because he promised May that she will not be joining field-work. Skye entered the territory via e-vite and shocked because Quinn knew her and offered her a job. Skye continued her work but Quinn later found out, and Skye wrote down to a paper that stated “SHIELD is listening”. At this point, I thought Skye is going to betray the team. Haha..

Coulson and Ward unaware of what happen, can’t enter the territory due to radiation barrier. Next, Skye finally found a wireless connection that can give access to Coulson and Ward for another 3 seconds. Well, Skye sweet talked Quinn for that. Intruder alert!!! The climax happened. Ward saved Skye and Coulson met Hall. Surprisingly, Hall don’t want to be saved, rather he want to destroy the substance along with Quinn. After a hard talk, Coulson decided to take a hard choice. He shoot the glass floor (the room was well, upsidedown down the Gravitonium’s effect) and Dr. Hall fell into Gravitonium. The subtances stabilized, avoiding the territory mass destruction. We see a happy ending yet again. Nevertheless, the gravitonium was stored in an unmark storage with no record. We saw a hand came out from it, suggesting Dr. Hall maybe alive somehow and gain some superpower?? Maybe?? Until next time.. see yaXDXD



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