Review: Percy Jackson and Sea of Monsters 2013


The son of Poseidon. Percy Jackson(Logan Lerman) and… his newly known brother, Tyson(Douglas Smith). I will keep this short as of right now, I’m officially have a tons of work to be done. Anyways, the story started as in how the barrier of The Camp was created. Thalia sacrifices herself in order to save her friends Luke, Annabeth and Grover from monsters chasing them. Being the daughter of Zeus, her death was not in vain. Thalia was transformed to a single tree that emits a barrier that is now, protects all the Demi God-in-training.

Later, we saw Percy in a tournament. Some kind of climb-claim a trophy somehow. We realized that Percy now has a rival named, Clarisse(Leven Rambin) daughter of Ares, God of War (I think). Percy almost win the match but the glory switched to Clarisse because Percy decided to save a friend which he ended up losing. Grover(Brandon T. Jackson) and Annabeth(Alexandra Daddario) tried to cheered Percy up but to no avail. During the time in camp, Percy and Clarisse have a lots of quests together and most of it, the glory goes to Clarisse and Percy realized that the one who saved Olympus is well, no more.


Then, the barrier was destroyed by a metal bull, Colchis Bull. Kinda like The Destroyer in Thor, right? Percy and the gang defeated it only to realized that Luke(Jake Abel) is behind the incident. He also told Percy of a prophecy and The Oracle, confirmed it. The prophecy stated the eldest child of god, (could be Percy) will either save Olympus or destroy it. Luke also was the one poisoned the tree leading to the barrier weakening. Grover and Annabeth’s research lead them to material known as the Golden Fleece that is able to heal any wound, disease, or anything at all. They take it to Mr.D(Stanley Tucci), but Mr.D chose Clarrise to lead the quest.  Unknown to others, Percy and Annabeth took Grover who reluctantly agree to find the fleece. Oh, and Tyson (new brother of Percy) also followed them and Annabeth didn’t like it. She hate it because to her, Cyclops are vicious and evil.

Both of their journeys collide when Percy’s group ran away after failed to rescued Grover after he being kidnapped by Luke. They find themselves in the stomach of Sea Monster. Clarisse and Percy work together to escaped from it. This is blew my mind. How can a ship float after being underwater that deep?? I mean, does pressure physic will be applied here?? Okay2, moving on.


They found themselves in an island called CirceLand, where Polyphemus lives. There, they found Grover and the Golden Fleece. Once again, they work together to steal the fleece. They succeeded but with a cost. Tyson was shot down by Luke so that Percy can gave up the fleece. And the summoning of the Titan, father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades begins. Percy managed to save the day and fortunately, Tyson alive due to his similar power with Percy. Prove that he is son of Poseidon. Later at the end, the tree was healed by the power of Golden Fleece. Maybe too powerful. As it’s not only healing the tree, but also Thalia was revived from the dead. Now Percy wondered, is the prophecy was actually meant for Thalia(Paloma Kwiatkowski), or him??

Percy Jackson 2 Sea of Monsters Film


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