Review: Marvel Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E04


Who knew that Agent Coulson would had a protégé?? This time, it involved Coulson’s protégé. Former protégé. At the beginning, a group of masked man passed by a parade, I think towards a subway station. A female followed them. In the train, we saw the female closed her eyes and as she sensing something, she smacked a button, and the train go dark.

Back at the bus, Coulson enter Skye ‘private space’ in a car. She said that she felt like home, and she missed her van. Coulson need Skye’s help regarding this case. Apparently, a gem broker hired 25 military personnel, dressed as a masked man and scattered them around 25 different routes in Stockholm. They had been assigned a random briefcase but one of them, containing diamonds. That female somehow knew it, cut one hand of the personnel and took off with the diamond. Further investigation led to a name. Akela Amador (Pascale Armand).

Skye finally tracked the thief to a hotel. In there, Amador finished up a deal. $30 million deal to an unknown contact. In return, she got a clearance pass to a facility. Coulson bring the team to Zloda, Belarus. Due to fear, Fitz, Simmons and Skye stayed in the van monitoring Amador’s signal, while Ward and Coulson find her. To their surprise, Amador found them. Amador rammed the van which luckily, they don’t died. After analyzing data, Coulson found out that Amador had a x-ray camera in her eyes. Fitz clarified that the tech is decades ahead of them. They also knew that Amador is being controlled by a handler. Coulson declared to save her. May offered a first watch over her.

Coulson woke Fritz up to asked where is May?? May found Amador’s location actually, much to their dismay and set to kill her. Luckily, Coulson intervened and finally have a little talk with Amador. He assured her that her handler don’t know where she at, and Agent Ward and Skye are doing Amador’s mission to avoid any suspicion. Agent Ward arrived at Russian facility and get an order to infiltrate it. He succeeded captured pictures of some sort of alien schematic. Ward managed to get away and sent it to the team.

On the other hand, Fritz and Simmons were tasked to remove the tech from Amanda’s eye. Fear from not having experience, Amador assured them that it is okay and she injected anesthetic herself to her eye. Coulson finally tracked down Amador’s handler. Unfortunately, he died from a kill-switch in his eye. Which means, there are high power in play. Coulson finally can gave a second chance to Amador.

And yeah, Skye managed to looked inside Ward’s shirt. Haha.. and She was very impressed. I leave that to your imagination. Until next time.. see ya.. XDXD



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