Review: Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E05


This episode is… hot.. and kinda predictable. And I thought maybe the crucial plot would come, maybe, in season 2 but it took sooner than I expected. The episode is about a man who have a pyrokinetic ability. Ability to summoned flames. A man named Chan Ho Yin (Louis Ozawa Changchien) performed magic tricks in the street but having a poor audience. A female in flower dress watched in awe as Ho Yin summoned flame from his palm. Impressed by the action, she asked for more detail. Back at his home, he reluctantly told the story. The woman then offered help to get people recognized Ho Yin’s ability and suggested a name for him. Scorch. He agreed but forcefully taken by unknown people led by the woman in flower dress, Raina (Ruth Negga).

At the bus, Ward and Skye are having a Battleship board game. Seriously, I don’t know what this board game is called, so I just called it Battleship. This proved that their team relationship was good and intact. Then, Coulson got a case. Chan Ho Yin was on the index of SHIELD and that info was classified. The info was hacked by Miles Lydon (Austin Nichols), a well-known hacker. Coulson ordered the team to find him and bring him for interrogation. This is where it get interesting.

In Austin, Texas Ward found him and Miles made a run for it. Coulson also on his tail, but managed to lose him at a traffic junction and he’s back to his house. There, he found Skye. Miles thanked Skye for a tip that she gave and warned Miles of his action that can revealed her in SHIELD. After that, they have sex. Wow, seriously, SHIELD is searching for him and now they want to have sex??? And, May found out about them, literally. May handed in Skye’s top. Haha..

Skye betrayal put the team in bad mood especially Coulson. Simmons found an evidence tied to this case. It was revealed that Miles was selling information for money and that made Skye really pissed off. Back at Ho Yin, he found himself at a facility and was given some serum that made him stronger. Rania and a doctor, Debbie (Shannon Lucio) satisfied with the result as they solved the combustion problem. They drained plasma from Ho Yin’s body. SHIELD saved him too late.

Even though, his plasma was taken, Ho Yin are angry with SHIELD because he was now free and started to attacked them by first, killed a supervising agent. May tried to reasoned with him but no success. Coulson asked Miles for help, and with Fritz and Simmons suggestion, Miles tried to avert the crisis. By channeling the vents, and by injecting Ho Yin with the superpower serum, they managed no to get killed.

Back on the bus, Skye revealed her secret to Coulson. Skye explained that she was searching for her parent but only to find a single document that is redacted by SHIELD. Skye was determined to find her parent no matter what and Coulson offered his help. Although, he did warned Skye that she was not going to like what she’s going to find. For the rest of the team, Skye would have a lot of apologizing to do, especially to Ward, her SO.. Until next time, see ya..XDXD



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