Review: Marvel Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E07


Welcome to the Hub. Shield’s HQ that is classified and a powerful organization. The episode began with Coulson being captured to a secret location. then, before being tortured by the bad guys, he spoke to their leader. “You have the intel on you??” it turns out that the leader is undercover SHIELD Agent Shaw (Charles Halford). After saving him, the intel was extracted by Simmons. Coulson refused to analyzed the intel on the bus stated this a classified Level 8 info. Yup, this time is about secrets. We all know right, secret is power??

Skye baffled with this new obstacles and then, very amused when she arrived at the Hub. Coulson met with Victoria Hand (Saffron Burrows), at SHIELD Hub to analyzed the data. Unfortunately, Skye was not cleared to enter. Literally, not cleared. She stuck to a magnetic pad that prevent her from going inside. There, a mission to stop a overkill device was briefed. Fritz and Ward was assigned to do the mission. Yup.. the beast and the geek. On the other hand, Skye managed to asked Coulson to search for her parent info and well, was denied temporarily.

Fitz and Simmons have a chat before went on the mission. Simmons was very worried about Fitz which suggested either she liked him or just worried as a friend. Let the mission commenced. At the South Ossetia border, Ward and Fitz were having a problem. Ward’s contact, Yuri was dead. They were captured and but using Fitz’s genius idea, they managed to get passed the border and also Fitz got some new friends.

Concerned about their friends, Simmons and Skye hacked Level 8 SHIELD info to find out where they are. Skye also managed to get some info about her parent but focus toward the objective. Skye found out that there are no extraction team waiting for Ward and Fitz. She questioned Coulson about this. Coulson also surprised to know that there are no extraction team and he clarified to Victoria that the team should have the right to choose the mission. Now, May, Skye, Simmons and Coulson are on their way to save their friends.

Fitz and Ward managed to find the device, disarmed it and fought some bad guys. Haha.. simple. In this episode, I found that the producer want to us to realized that the bond between Fitz and Ward are finally good. They understand each other, stood up for each other and have their back. In my opinion of course.

Lastly, Coulson told Skye about her parent a little. He said that it is about a SHIELD agent that sent her to foster home. A woman. Coulson don’t if she was Skye’s mother or the who found her at the doorstep. Skye was grateful to finally knew something about her past. Even a little. Next, due to Victoria’s word, “not everyone gets sent to Tahiti”, it get Coulson wondered. He called HQ using his clearance to learn about this, but unfortunately, the system said that he is not authorized to have this. There’s a lot of unanswered questions and secret in this TV show and I think that’s the main attraction. You know, to keep people watching this..

Until next time.. see ya.XDXD



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