Review: Marvel Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E08


Where are the Asgardian?? They should cleaned up their mess. Such a kid.. XDXD.. Coulson whined as they cleaned up a mess in… well, some place. Story is about a staff. A powerful one, that is. A couple found a tree based on a script or poem. They cut down the tree and managed to found a broken staff. A weird language was engraved on it. The female touched the staff, only to found rage bursting out from her. The male, calmly assisted the female and later, we got another superhuman who claimed had a power of god.

Coulson and the team was briefed about this mission. It turned out that the couple was actually a part of rebellious group and just like I said, claimed to be gods. Literally shown that. The investigation revealed that the staff was actually from Asgard, the birthplace of Thor. With unknown knowledge about the staff, Coulson met up with Professor Elliot Randolph (Peter MacNicol), an expert about the Norse mythology. Coulson explained that the staff is called Berserker Staff. And there is a legend behind it. The soldier who stay in Earth because he fall in love with Earth while his fellow soldiers went back to Asgard. Well, in short summary, that is. He also said that because of immense power it hold, the staff was purposely broken into 3 pieces. Now, there are two left to find.

Using clue from a poem that Randolph gave, they managed to locate one pieces of the staff. Ward and Skye were sent to retrieved it. Unfortunately, someone get to it first. That someone was Professor Randolph. While encountered him, Ward accidentally touched the staff and something wrong happened. The staff which was in Randolph possession was taken away by the couple, rapidly I rather say. Randolph was taken into custody in SHIELD’s bus. Ward on the other hand, suddenly remembered his worst memories from his childhood. Something about his brother in a well while looking from a top of it. This memories plus awaken rage, gets to Ward. Skye, Fitz and Simmons were the victims of it. Luckily, no one get hurt.

Later, it’s revealed that Professor Randolph is Berserker. The one who stayed. His stayed in this earth so long, that he doesn’t knew about Thor at all, until recently. Due to Randolph cooperation, they finally located the final pieces of the staff. Unfortunately, the couple does too. Ward held them off, but forcefully using two pieces of staff. This unlock the worst memory even further. It is revealed that maybe he want to prove himself to other child, he threw his own brother to a well. Well, that is a very disturbing childhood. The two pieces also drained his energy. The female came out, and May offered some help.

Taking toward extreme action, May combined all 3 pieces into one. That, is so badass!!! Easily beaten the female, May let go of the staff. Ward asked her how she managed to held all 3 staffs without losing control. She answered because she always see the images (the worst memory like Ward) every day. After all ends, Skye went to see Ward’s condition. She offered to lend her ear listening to Ward’s problem. Ward refused politely. And, we saw Ward entering May’s room with a bottle of liquor. I don’t what went down there?? Maybe make out?? Having a conversation?? I don’t know.

Meanwhile, Coulson having a bad dream about .. Tahiti.. what is Tahiti?? Why it is so magical?? J

Until next time.. see ya..XDXD




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