Review: The Mentalist S06e07


The tension continues.. Last time we saw Jane’s house was blown to pieces. Lisbon arrived at the scene with the police to secure the area. In there, Lisbon saw Reede Smith and noticed the tree dots tattoo on his left shoulder. Bang!!! Bang!!! Shots were fired. Reede managed to get away although injured by Lisbon’s bullet. Lisbon found Janes on the floor, unconscious.

The bombing report came out. Bert Stiles, Ray Haffner and Tom McAllister confirmed dead. Lisbon thought the Red John was Reede Smith because of course, she didn’t suspect her own boss, Gale Bertram. A searching warrant was officially declared. Lisbon visited Jane in the hospital and found Bertram besides him. Bertram insisted Lisbon to find Reede. Really insisted. Luckily, Jane woke up. Jane told Lisbon that Bertram also had that three dots tattoo and unfortunately, Bertram already left the scene.

The injured Reede Smith went to a doctor. Apparently, he can’t go to hospital due to his crime and plus, the doctor hates police. So, it’s a win-win right?? A police came by to the clinic and then an FBI Agent, Agent Oscar Cordero. Password: Tiger, Tiger. I realized that this is a greeting from a member to member. Jane clarified that. Van Pelt and Rigsby found out about the location, headed to the scene only to find the agent. The police already inside the clinic and took Reede through the back door. Jane called Rigsby to warned him not to trust any law enforcer. Alerted to that, Rigsby and Van Pelt have a showdown at the back of the clinic. Capturing the police, revealing the betrayal of agent Cordero but unfortunately, Reede get away, again.

Gale Bertram was on the run. Jane purposely told everyone that Bertram is Red John via a press. Now, manhunt begins. Reede, on the other hand, called Van Pelt to surrender. Agent Cordero managed to get wind of it, failed to kill Reede. CBI saved Reede just in time. Reede revealed that he was working for Blake Organization. He doesn’t know who the boss is, and who was his handler. All he know that he working in a small group, can get any favors and must do everything they say. The organization consists of judges, police, FBI and any law enforcers in the California. Reede also confessed about a 12 years old girl murder but he told Janes that he was not Red John and didn’t kill his wife and daughter.

Gale Bertram was spotted in Citrus Heights in his aunt’s house. Cleverly, Bertram outmaneuvered Jane by calling every SWAT team in the area. He slipped out by wearing a same uniform as theirs. Back in the office, a new character appeared. Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar), an FBI agent form Texas. He took over the office and said that the CBI are no longer and all personnel are relieved from the duties. Just, wow.. just like that.. Stunned by that news, everyone followed including Van Pelt. I heard that Van Pelt and Rigsby will be no longer in series.. (T_T)… but replaced by Dennis Abbott and another character which I forgot her name. Yes. It’s a she.

Jane sadly, letting go of the case saying it’s out of their hand right now. But I think, there a more than meets the eye, right?? Come on, this is Patrick Jane. The man with trickery and brain. Stay tune for next week… see ya XDXD



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