Game Review: Edward Kenway is an Assassin Privateer!!!


Yeah!!!… I finally got to play my favorite game of all time. Next to Kingdom Hearts, of course. Now, a little reminder for all of you. As of this time of writing, I still in progress of completing the game. The game have so many collectibles, islands to travel and really, really finding a hard time collecting money and resources. Now, let’s begin.


I’ve been following this game since early this year. When I knew the theme was going to be a pirate and naval battle, I am in baby!! Who doesn’t love pirate?? Back in Assassin’s Creed 3, the most fun part in the game was the naval mission. Although, the side objectives when doing some of these missions is pain in the ass, but it was worth it. Your beloved and most important belonging is the Jackdaw. The environment was excellent, better than previous Assassin’s Creed series. You can see dolphins swimming around, leaves falls down and ultimately, the ocean was vast.



This is a new one. Edward Kenway, our main protagonist starts off as a pirate. Found an Assassin named Duncan Wallpole, took his robe and finishes his mission. Little that he knew, Duncan was a betrayer to Brotherhood and planned to enter the Templars side. Then, Edward almost died because the Templars found out. There, he found Adewale, a prisoner which then later become his QuaterMaster. At the same time, Edward acquired the Jackdaw, A Spanish ship. Then, the story grows from there. I stil don’t know the ending because I haven’t reached there yet. So, I don’t want to spoiler myself. Haha.. XDXD



We were introduced to Edward Kenway, father of Haytham Kenway and grandfather of Connors Kenway. At first, he was a unsatified person, seeking for a greater wealth to support his wife who later leave him. Stumbled upon a betrayer assassin, he developed. From a pirate seeking wealth to a true assassin. He made mistakes along the way, a greater one but soon become a legendary. His partner, Adewale was a loyal to his captain. Along the way, Edward met Captain BlackBeard, Charles Vane and many other legendary names. Edward was brutal killing machine but kind enough to keep his word to someone.



Now, this is the main dish. Assassin’s Creed are known by their free running, climbing building and the skills to take on multiple enemies. These carries thru the Assassin’s Creed 4. Adopted from Assassin’s Creed 3 (AC3), the counter. Which was to me, seems easy. U can execute it by any weapon. Seriously, I feel the same and no differences at all about the combat system. The hunting was good. Not too much as in AC3. Not too much animals and most of it, it is easy to find because of the map. But what’s new, is hunting at the sea. Now, that’s awesome!! I once had a whale. Pretty hard if you don’t equipped enough.

Next, is the naval battle. AC4 have the improved, much better naval system that AC 3. You can board and captured a ship that you just fought. Looted their stuff and make some money. Each ship have their own classes. Nomal, Chaser and Man 0’ War. The last one was hard as hell. Seriously, if you don’t upgraded your ship, you going to have a hard time. Lastly, the dive. It’s fun but at the same time, I felt hard because you have to watch your oxygen level. And shark also.. haha.. Each ship that you plundered, each treasure chest that you find is valuable. No matter what is in store. Cloth, Metal and wood are useful for you ship upgrades whether it’s for combat or appearance. Rum and Sugar you can trade them for money. Oh, the ship is named Jackdaw.

thanks to the owner (not me)

thanks to the owner (not me)

The Verdict

In short, this game is wonderfully amazing. The graphics, the combat system, the hunting and don’t forget the weather system. It’s perfect. For PS4, PS3, XBOX360 and XBOX One. For PC, there’s a sad news. You must have a very powerful PC gaming to have all these wonderful stuff. Yup, the latest driver and GPU. If not, you going to have some modifications in settings and sometimes the driver itself. And, I also read some threads in forums where the performance are quite bad even on high-end PC. So, for me, in the future if you don’t want any of PC problem, buy a console. Because if any problem occured with a console, it’s most probably due to the hardware or the software inside and you can fix it with a warranty. Simple as that.

not mine.. thanks to the owner

not mine.. thanks to the owner

MY SCORE: 4.5/5

Until then, see ya.. XDXD


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