Review: Supernatural S09E07


Yeah,  the good ol’ hunting. Sam happened to knew something new about his brother. Let’s review some of it. The episode, as usual starts off with some flashback from previous episode, seasons about how Dean protected and taking care of his brother, Sam. At first, I dunno what the connection between these flashback and the story. By the end of it, I realized how sweet and caring Dean is.

We saw a couple of boys ran away from being chased by a single boy named Timmy. Then, their guardian, Jack followed them to a barn where a tractor stored there. Suddenly, the tractor geared up by itself and shoved his stomach till death. Back at the bunker, Sam got a called from Sonny(Blake Gibbons) and call out for Dee-Dawg. Haha… pretty funny actually. It was actually meant for Dean. Sonny calls for help about the incident. Sam asked Dean who is Sonny. Dean explained when he 16 years old, during the time when his brother thought he was missing, Dean actually stayed at a boys’ home. And, Dean just said he was doing a “five-finger discount??”. English is not my strong point, but isn’t that means stealing??

The brothers arrived at Sonny’s place and Dean reminisced the first time he was introduced to Sonny. Quite heartwarming, I rather say. Dean went to the barn for clues and there, he met Timmy. He managed to teach Timmy how to handshake like a man.. wow.. I never learned that from anyone.. Sam go upstairs and he found Dean’s bed. Marked with a pentagram. Sam found Ruth, the housekeeper praying to keep the ghost away. Sam reported the discovery and they solved by burning a corpse. But, the incident was not going away. Ruth was reported death by drowning although Sonny thought differently. He was trying to saved Ruth but the door was locked tightly. Sonny said the doors in this house was never locked.

Ohhhh.. I forgot to mentioned her. Dean met his ex-girlfriend here, at a diner. Her name was Robin. She thought guitar lesson at the boys’ home. Through his research, Sam managed to get Timmy’s past which linked to the poltergeist event and the ghost. Dean met Robin again at the boys’ home and warned her to run away. Panicked, she and Dean didn’t managed to run away and suddenly they saw Timmy. Timmy said, “I can’t control her” and Simultaneously, Sam appeared. Sworn to protect Robin, Dean grabbed a toy that Timmy was holding and burned them in hoping to get rid of the ghost. It was unsuccessful and somehow, sad.. snatching a toy from a kid…

Timmy explained that a year ago, he and his mother involved in a crash in a wood. at the last minute, His mother managed to get Timmy out of the car and Timmy watched the car burned along with his mother. He ran away scared to an old house. He cried for his mother and she responded. But her appearance was not the same. His mother ghost attacked Sam and Dean because they are considered as threat. Dean asked Timmy to stop her mother and let go of her. Timmy mustered up his courage and finally able gave the final blow. The job was well done.

Robin and Sonny thanked the brother for their help. Sam asked Dean, why he leave the place?? Since, Dean finally got a taste of what a teenage boy should do. Dean never did really answering that, But Sam knew. It’s because of him.. see I told you Dean was sweet and caring.. haha.. well then.. until next time.. see ya..XDXD


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