Are You Still in Stigma about AIDS community?? READ THIS!!


Do you afraid to touched an AIDS individual?? Do you afraid talking to an AIDS individual? Do you even afraid of approaching them?? If yes, then my friend, you have a stigma about AIDS community.

AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a collection of symptoms and infections resulting from the specific damage to the immune system caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). You may probably heard about how it get transmitted,  direct contact with infected blood. There are several ways to get infected:

  1. Sexual. Having sex with infected person or among men increased the risk.
  2. Blood. Whether it’s from sharing needle among drug users, transfusion of infected blood or needle prick (in hospital environment), you can get the infection.
  3. From infected mother to her infant while still in pregnancy. This is called vertical transmission.


Well, enough of that. In developing country or even in developed country, some of us are very afraid to approach this community. They think if they approached this community, they might as well get the virus. They seriously DEAD WRONG!!!

We as the normal people should reached our hand to this poor community. Now, there a lot of campaigns and laws to help this community. There are many ways also to prevent from get HIV infection. But to me, the small gestures that really made these people happy. By helping them feeling like a normal person, accepted by others. Here are some gestures that would really help you when meeting with them:

  1. You can hug or shake hands with them. Seriously, this is the first thing you must do. You always shake your hands when meeting people right?? So, why not with them also.
  2. You can kissed them on the cheek or for couple, on the lips, I guess.  The saliva in our mouth is a hypotonic solution. This is a very unfavorable condition for the virus as there are no lymphocyte (White blood cell) to infect with.   So, there are very low chances for us to get infected. Here’s a proven study.
  3. You don’t have to be afraid when they are sneezing or coughing. The virus can’t live outside its host. So, you are safe. Unless, they coughing blood, which need a medical emergency. Seriously.
  4. If you accidently take their glass for a drink, or take their plate, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. As I said earlier, the virus can’t live outside its host. Unless, there are blood.
  5. HIV can’t live inside insects, so they don’t get transmitted by mosquito bite. So, don’t worry about that when living with AIDS patient.
  6. You are free to share public amenities such as toilet, phone booth or anything. Seriously, in public toilet you share the seat with hundreds of people. Some of them may have AIDS. Do you still get infected?? No, right?? If yes, then the whole country get infected.

There you have it. There are other gestures found in the internet, just googled it. Don’t be afraid to be with these guys. They need supports and we can give it to them. Just have the knowledge and you will be fine. Until next time.. see ya..XDXD



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