Is Red 2 really that awesome??!!


Here come the next sequel of Red. The Red 2. It premiered on July 2013. Yeah, I’m a late bloomer so don’t blame me for it. Even so, I have my reasons to well, not liking the movie as much as its predecessor. Let’s get on with it.

As we all know, RED stands for Retired: Extremely Dangerous. This time, Frank (Bruce Willis) and Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) was having a couple time and then suddenly, Marvin (John Malkovich) warned them about a threat. Marvin died of a car bomb after that. Frank visited him fully knowing that he faked his death so often and Sarah encouraged Frank to give a speech about how wonderful Martin was.. haha!!! Classic.


Next, Frank was brought to Yankee White facility by Jack Horton (Neal McDonough). He interrogated Frank for some info about The Nightshade Project. Yup, this lead to deadly journey for them and Sarah get what she yearned for. We also saw Martin was actually very much alive while saving Frank. Every organizations in the world was aware about the project. MI6 hired Victoria (Helen Mirren), a very skilled assassin. Russia ordered Katja (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a sexy and hot agent whose Frank and Sarah met at Paris. I dunno, for some reason Katja do not have that Russian accent when speaking English.  Oh, I forgot to mentioned that Katja was Frank’s kryptonite.  While America hired Han Cho Bai (Byung-hun Lee), most deadly mercenary in the world.

In Paris, the group managed to find The Frog (David Thewlis) and due to Sarah ‘interrogation’, they managed to get an info. The project Nightshade was about a transportable nuclear device. And with a key he gave (along with some betrayal from Katja), the group must find Dr. Edward Bailey (Anthony Hopkins). Han managed to found them, but failed to put a bullet in Frank and Martin’s head. They are now headed to London, to an asylum where Dr. Bailey was located. They managed to meet Victoria and Dr. Bailey and saved him with a cost. Victoria surrendered. Victoria Questioned MI6 about the Dr. Bailey and the answer was worse than she thought.


After persuaded Katja to joined the team, they succeeded in smuggling the device out of Kremlin. Unfortunately, Dr. Bailey betrayed them to join Jack’s side and Katja was killed in the action. Dr. Bailey ran to Iran embassy to fired up the bomb. Accordingly to plan, he killed the Iran embassy’s officers and also Jack. Han joined Frank’s team despite the hatred and went to the embassy. They are too late, the device had already been triggered and Sarah had been kidnapped by Dr. Bailey.


With a trick, Frank managed to save Sarah. Surprisingly, the bomb goes off in a plane that Dr. Bailey tried to ran with. The world is safe once again. Han angrily warned Frank that he would kill him because he took his plane and Han did not get money for this job. Yup, this should summarize things up.

I told you just now I don’t like the movie as much as its predecessor. Here’s why:

  1. Where is Morgan Freeman???!!! I know he is dead during the last film, but c’mon. should be at least a cameo or a flash back??? That guy is a GOD.. haha.. XDXD
  2. Catherine Zeta-Jone accent were awkward. She is a Russian agent, but I didn’t hear any accent. They usually have one, right??
  3. Sarah smiles sometimes creeping me out. She looked matured in this film but somehow, her smiles creeps me out. I don’t know why..
  4. There are few great moments. Yeah, the great moment I watched was when Katja shooting enemies from Han’s car. That’s all.
  5. Food can still be eaten after leaving it like, 40 years?? I think not. The only food that is not rot even after a hundred year is HONEY

That’s all.. until next time, see ya.. XDXD



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