Are you a racist about Tai Chi?? Think again!!

On my last review, Tai Chi was used as a fighting style. But do you realized that Tai Chi is a form of exercise. A very gentle exercise. Tai Chi is literally defined as “grand ultimate” boxing. The term ‘grand ultimate” is referred to the concept of the origin of the universe. This concept is a part of ying-yang principle. Yes, the principle is widely known for its black and white in a circle with an opposing little circle inside of both. Here’s a picture.


If you dedicated enough, you may found that there are many histories about where Tai Chi came from. Basically, every Tai Chi style tells a different stories. There are Chen style, Yang style, Li style, Hao style and many more. Hey, don’t be a racist because of their names. These styles have pride for their Tai Chi and mostly will acknowledged that their style is the best individually.

You may asked yourself, how Tai Chi is any different from Yoga?? There are some differences and some similarities. For example:

  1. Although both Yoga and Tai Chi came from Buddha, Yoga originate from India and Tai Chi came from China.
  2. Yoga mostly utilizes lower part of our body while Tai Chi utilizes upper part of our body.
  3. Tai Chi can be learned by all ages but Yoga mostly adult due to the need of flexibility for a long time.
  4. Both improves health effectively.
  5. Yoga is the exercise for physical and mind while tai Chi is for the mind.



Are you a racist?? If you want to be healthy (and cool), you must put away that kind of thinking. Medically speaking, Tai Chi improves our health from various aspect ranging from emotional status to our heart problem. These includes:

  1. Improvement of lower and upper body muscle strength.
  2. Improves flexibility.
  3. Improves the sense of balance in older age.
  4. This lead to decreases of stumbles.
  5. In arthritis patient, Tai Chi decreases pain, improved mood and physical functionality more than physiotherapy can provide.
  6. Tai Chi can prevent osteoporosis by maintaining bone density.
  7. Improve quality of life and functional capacity in breast cancer’s patient or the one have side effect from cancer treatment.
  8. Decrease heart disease risk.
    1. Boosted exercise capacity
    2. Decrease blood pressure (Hypertension)
    3. Improves level of cholesterol and insulin in our body.
    4. Improved C-reactive protein. Increase level of this protein is a hallmark for inflammation in our heart.
    5. 9.       Improved quality and duration of sleep
    6. Decrease stroke risk
    7. Improved stress.

There are tons of benefit you can find out there. These are just a few of them. Plus, you will be like a kung-fu star when practicing this.. haha!! Anyway, that’s all for now. Please Like and comment if you have any thought.

Until next time, see ya..XDXD



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