The Mentalist: S06E08. Is this the end of Jane’s Journey??


This week episode was pretty intense. CBI’s gone, FBI Agent Abbott is in charge of the case. Lisbon and the team was pretty confused about what happening and what’s going to happen. Lastly, Patrick Jane who letting go of everything. Seem kinda the end, does it?? is it the season finale?? I’m not so sure about that. Let’s rewind the plot, shall we?

Abbott met up with Lisbon to explained to the team of what’s going to happen next. They will be interrogated individually due to suspicion that they might be an accomplice of the their boss, Bertram. Meanwhile, Bertram called Jane about something but unable to delivered it because a police nearby recognized him and the police was shot dead.

Lisbon met up with Jane and asked him what Bertram want. Well, Bertram called again (technically, Jane was the one who called) and they agree to meet at Alexandria cemetery in half an hour. Lisbon warned Jane about the trap but he didn’t care. He got him and he was ready to kill him. Abbott stopped Jane because he had men following him all day. Jane want to plead but later, give it up. Then, Lisbon showed up begging Abbott to let him go for about an hour. Abbott confused and at the same time, Van Pelt, Rigsby and Cho arrived. They taunted Abbott, suspecting whether Abbott is real FBI agent or just another member of Blake Association. To prove his innocent, Abbott letting Jane go but he put a tracker to know where he was going. Next, he arrested the team. Lisbon included.

Jane managed to outran the FBI agent that followed him and made his way to the cemetery. There, he finally met Bertram. First of all, Bertram told Jane that he was not Red John. He explained that Red John was one of the top brass in Blake Association but Jane was skeptical. Second, the Blake association didn’t like any loose end, so Jane must die. In the heat of the moment, it was Bertram who got killed by Oscar (the betrayed FBI Agent), not Jane. Confused, Jane finally really who was the real Red John. It was Tom McAllister.  He claimed that “I am the Blake Association”. The reason he killed Jane’s family because he want to say that Jane was not in the right place to speak about who he was.

In the meantime, Van Pelt was frustrated about not knowing what’s happening and had a little fight with Rigsby. Yeah, Cho was in the middle of it. Literally, seat between them. Lisbon calmed them down. Abbott on the other hand, figured out where Jane is. Back at Jane, with a bread crumbs and pigeon (I don’t know how he got that) he managed shot Red John at the abdomen. Red John managed to get away and the chase begins. Meanwhile, Abbott arrived too late. He found Bertram and Oscar dead.

Jane finally caught Red John and confronted him. In the final moment, Jane asked Red John if he was sorry by killing his family? Red John blinked twice for a yes. Jane asked again. “Do you afraid to die??” Red John blinked twice. Jane strangled him to his final breath. Feeling satisfied, Jane called Lisbon (enter a voice mail, due to his belonging was in custody) to say that he’s done. It was finished. “I’m okay”.

So, what happened next?? I mean Red John is dead, Jane’s quest is over. So, what’s there to continue?? Is this a season finale?? I certainly hope not because I like Jane very much. His ways of handling people and his have a behavior like a child. Haha!! Well, until then, stay tune and see ya..XDXD




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