Supernatural S09E08: Dean Winchester can make YOU wet!!


Dean and Sam are back for more hunting. This time involving a Roman Goddess and a church chastity group. Let’s get started.

A girl named Honor, just finished her work as waitress gave a leftover to a homeless guy that she knew. At midnight, it’s quite normal to feel scared where you are walking alone and felt like someone following you. She panicked and hid under an SUV. Seriously?? Then, the SUV get lifted by a person emitting a blue flame. Then, Honor was gone. That person dropped Honor into a tunnel?? Bunk?? Basement?? I don’t know.

Back to the Winchesters, Sam not feeling very well. “I feel like my battery can’t recharge”. Yeah, go figured ,man. Anyway, Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) called. Want the boys to come down to a little town, where four disappearances occur. The boys thought it was the angels. Yeah, Jody. That’s one for a thing. Later, it’s revealed that a pastor, engage couple, and recently missing, Honor was members of a church chastity group led by Bonnie (Lindy Booth).

Dean and Sam decided to infiltrated the group to looked for more info. And, there you have it. the Winchesters had been born again. They have become a virgin once again.. haha!! While at breaking-ice session, Suzy the group counsellor asked Dean and Sam to tell them what bring them to this chastity group. Sam, well told the group that his relationship with women before didn’t end well. He ain’t lying. Dean on the other hand, managed to get the group wet with his story. Haha, he is so good with some sex talk. After that, Dean followed Suzy back home to do some ‘research’ on chastity. Meanwhile, Sam found out from a member that Honor was not exactly a good girl. She did some time with the pastor. The couple too. Having sex before their marriage. So, Sam diagnosis was wrong. The differential diagnosis was a dragon. Haha!!

Honor found herself in a basement with three others that went missing. But, the pastor didn’t made it because the blue-flame person took him upstairs and killed him. Back to Dean, he initially thought there was going to be a ‘moment’ with Suzy. But, it turned south. Not entirely though. Through some search, Dean found out that Suzy was porno actress in you guess it folks, CASA EROTICA!!! And, Dean goes straight to the third base (is it third?? Or fourth??never mind, you go the point) overnight! Damn, I need to learn from this guy.

After they were done, the blue-person made a little visitation and transported them the same basement as Honor. Suzy thought it was some punishment from God because she broke the vow but Dean calmed her. Meanwhile, Sam and Jody was too late arrived at the crime scene. Further investigation confirmed that the monster involved was a Roman goddess of Hearth, Vesta. A way to kill her is by using a stick dipped in virgin’s blood. Dean managed to called Sam using a backup phone. From their conversation, Sam managed to locate Dean and the victims. It turned out that the Goddess was Bonnie!! Wow, she does have a killer look. Despite having some difficulties, Sam and Jody managed to killed her and Dean escaped by himself. C’mon, would it better if he screwed out  the lock earlier??~sigh~ Hollywood.

When fighting with Vesta earlier, she said Sam’s internal organ was like duct tapes and safety pins inside. Sam confused (again) and he finally told Dean about this. Dean was going told Sam about the angel resides in him but Ezekiel stopped him. Reluctantly agree, he convinced Sam that it was not his fault and they will find a way to fix this.

I think the end is near. Don’t you think the same?? Haha!! Until then, see ya..XDXD



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