Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D: S01E09 ‘Well, Silent doesn’t mean cruelty’


I’ll keep this short.. haha!! We start off with Agent Ward and Agent May just getting ready for work after they had sex. Well, maybe stress-relieved sex. I don’t see May is a kind of character that fall in love so quickly. Anyhow, they got to get back to SHIELD as they have assignment waiting.

A girl named Hannah Hutchins came down to a grocery store to buy some stuffs. There, a cashier looked at her suspiciously and suddenly asked her, “that you killed them?? Kill my friend Jack?” (I rephrase that, okay??). It appeared recently, there had been a tragedy near a research facility that loses 3 lives and Hannah was a manager for that research. This is a small town, so words got around fast. Then, strangely cans and bottles started to flying around and attacked the cashier. Terrified, he ran away. Fortunately he managed to get away because the grocery store exploded because of the fire from a nearby pump station. (That’s escalated quickly)

Yeah folks, this episode is about a girl that Coulson suspected to have a telekinetic power. On the bus, Skye want to come along but Coulson refused to allowed her claiming that the visitation might become dangerous. Coulson also recalled what happened the last time (In Episode 1) Skye handled it. Upon arriving, Coulson met the girl. She was crying and scared for what happening around her and the poor acceptance from the neighborhood. Coulson want to talked with her at SHIELD HQ but the girl skeptically refuse. Then, like a reaction to her emotion, a police car suddenly started then ramming toward Coulson. He survived the incident. Agent May shoot Hannah with a Taser for precaution and took her to the bus.

Meanwhile, Fritz and Simmons decided to make a prank toward Skye. They told Skye an exaggerated story about how Agent May got the title ‘The Calvary’. Although it sounded like a bizarre story, Skye believed it wholeheartedly. Hannah were kept in the safe room when Coulson and May came visited her. She told them, it was not her fault. “It was the demon”, she said. Coulson asked may to watch over her as they found out whether the accident gave her power or something else. Skye confronted Coulson again about meeting Hannah. Skye was denied once again. Strangely, an item from Coulson’s collection fell off by its own. Coulson swore that he glued that item. At the meeting room, the team analyses the data and we saw a figure at the distance then suddenly disappear.

Finally, Simmons figured out what was the source of the explosion and suddenly being attacked by the figure. Scared, she finally admitted there was a ghost or someone in this bus with them. Then, the bus goes dark. Yup, power had been cut off. Skye research reveal that the figure is a man named Tobias Ford, a technician at the same facility with Hannah. Then, the panic begins. The assignment: Ward, Fitz and Simmons find a way to bring the power back on, May bring the plane to safety and Skye… well, she wants to talk with Hannah. Coulson radioed the HQ for help. Apparently, Tobias didn’t die fully. The explosion energy caused him to trapped between two dimension. That’s why he managed to teleport to anyway. Similarly, as in ghost.

While escorting the duo, Ward fought Tobias and ended up unconscious. Seriously, what make you think that you can fight a ghost? Coulson’s idea to radioed the HQ failed as Tobias sabotaged the antenna. May landed the plane safely. Also, with everyone trapped, May brought Hannah out of the plane to lure out Tobias. While trapped in Coulson’s office, Coulson told Skye the true story about The Calvary.About what changed May. Back to May, the plan worked. Tobias shows up in front of them. May talked to Tobias to let her go. This was due to Skye research. Apparently, Tobias was not trying to kill Hannah but instead, trying to protect her. He loved her and saw everyone as a threat to her. Tobias finally let her go and found peace.

At the end, we were surprised as Coulson actually managed to changed May back although not completely. We saw Fritz being pranked by her superbly.. haha.. well guys. Sorry for the delay and see yaXDXD



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