Supernatural S09E09: Winchesters is no more??


NOOOOOO!!!!!! I doesn’t like this episode very much. It makes me want to cry and beat up Metatron for real. Why do I said that??  Because the story is wicked awesome!! That’s why. Okay, let’s jump to the plot now.

The episode starts off with a bus stopped at a bar filled with bikers gang. A group of ladies came inside the bar and lined up shoulder by shoulder. The gang did the same. Now, I thought they’re going to make out until I see the angel sword. As camera pans out, the fight between angels are heard. Pretty awesome and gory. As suspected, the ladies won. Lads, remember, LADIES ALWAYS WON. The plot ended there where the bar song, which ironically fitted into the scene.

Back to Winchesters, Dean and Ezekiel have a little talk about the case they are taking. Ezekiel afraid of another angel finding him and he assured Dean that Sam’s body are nearly cured. And it turned back to Sam. Dean, quickly followed Sam chatting to avoid suspicious.. haha!! It really showed on his face. Great Acting man!! Anyway, Sam saw ‘Fort Collins 50 miles’ sign. Finally, he realized the confusion. All this time, Sam told Dean, he have a space-time issue. Sometimes, he doesn’t remember being there and yet, he was there. Like always, Dean blamed the trials and Sam tired of hearing that over and over.

They arrived at the scene and here came the surprise. CASTIEL!!! Taking a role as an FBI Agent because he thought he was a hunter in training and still is. “Cas is back in town!”Dean talked to Cas about settling down and that Cas already find peace. According to April (a reaper that Castiel banged), Bartholomew will gather enough followers and retake Heaven. And surprisingly, Castiel appreciate the word of ‘HOT’. Damn, you have grown to a man, boy!!  Ezekiel returned and asked Dean to stay away from Castiel. Being said that, Castiel understand and leave as Dean had no choice about Sam. Sam (Ezekiel, right now) get out of the bar (where the trio hangout) to take some fresh air. There, he met Metatron. A twist of plot here. Ezekiel was not Ezekiel after all. The angel real name was Gadriel, Gatekeeper of heaven where Adam and Eve stayed.

Meanwhile, the lady that killed the biker gang earlier met up with Bartholomew’s assistant. The lady was a member of Malachi, Angel of Anarchy. The objective was to reunite and take over heaven together. Well, that didn’t end well. Barth’s assistant and her bodyguard was killed instantly and the war begins. Back in the fort, Sam felt weird that Castiel leave again so soon. C’mon bro, take a hint there!!  Then the boys found out that the bikers gang was a member of church led by Buddy Boyle, the angel recruiter. The next scene was pretty fast. The Malachi’s lady almost recruited  new vessels for the angels but all of them was killed by Bartholomew’s people. Leaving a mess that the Winchesters caught a wind of.

Sam (Now, Gadriel) met up with Metatron. Apparently, Metatron is lonely and he want to create paradise all over again. In God’s image. Open only for him, Gadriel (if he agrees) and selected few angels only. Gadriel thought of this for a moment and realized that this will make Metatron a God (seeing as God already fled away last time we heard). Metatron well, smirked and think the same thing too. Gadriel asked for more time for a decision. Next, Castiel prayed. In various positions. Haha!! Some of it I recognized but it’s funny because Castiel could learned to use a computer. Luckily, his pray was answered. An angel under Malachi listened to his problem although reluctantly believed that. Suddenly, Malachi people showed up and captured Castiel.

Castiel was tortured for information on Metatron. More importantly, on how to reverse the spell. Malachi gave up and ordered one his people, Theo to finish the job. Castiel also learned that Ezekiel died when then angels fall down. Fortunately, Theo wants to joined Metatron side. Castiel used this opportunity to tricked Theo and let him be released. Then, trickily cut down Theo throat to sucked is grace and killed everyone in moment of escaping. Malachi realized this and plead revenge.

After that, Castiel called Dean about the news. Dean was shocked and asked Kevin to prepared a spell that block Gadriel for a second so that Dean can talk to Sam about ejecting him. On the other hand, Gadriel agreed to lead as second in command to Metatron. Metatron asked him to do a dirty job for him. He gave Gadriel a piece of paper with a name on it. Dean tricked Sam into a storeroom where a sigil was drawn. And the plan didn’t work. Gadriel unfortunately overheard the plan and tampered with the sigil. Finally, he said that Sam was gone. Wait. Seriously??? And Kevin was murdered by Sam aka Gadriel. The name on the list was written ‘Kevin Trant’.

I cried too when Dean cried.. (T_T). seeing that he lost his brother to a mess that he did and lost a friend which was a prophet. Now, I don’t know how this going to played out. I mean Dean have nothing up on his sleeve except for one. Crowley. I think the next one will be about him and Crowley. Haha!! I don’t know. We shall see. Until then, see ya..XDXD


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