How to SAVE your ‘DROWNED’ phone!!!!


Hi guys. It’s 1.08 am right now and I can’t sleep. So, why don’t I shared something with you guys? We all know that almost everyone have a smartphone or a handphone with them all the time. And during that period, we somehow ACCIDENTLY dropped our phone into the toilet bowl. OUCCHHH!!

Here are steps that you should do quickly in order to recover your phone and save some money:

  1. Take your phone out as fast as possible. The longer it stays in water, the thinner chances that you’ll get to save it.
  2. Shut down your phone. If it’s already turned off, DON’T dare push the ‘ON’ button.
  3. Open up the back cover and take out the simcard, memory card and battery. If you can’t opened it, just like Iphone or latest HTC One, so let it be.
  4. Using a towel, wiped down all the wet part gently. If you rubbed it too hard, the water may get in the circuit inside quickly.
  5. This is the most important part. Placed your phone in a container filled with rice. Rice can absorbed moisture from your phone. You cooked your rice with water, right?? Same principle but without the heat.
  6. Leave your phone for about 24 hours. The longer ,the better.
  7. Try to turn on your phone. It should return back to normal. Or, at least you can message, call and accept calls from other.

There are two things that you should NOT do if you have this kind of accident:

  1. Do not use hair dryer to dried your phone. The heat from it can fried the internal circuit.
  2. Do not try to recharges your phone. Water is a good electrical conductor. It could fried the internal circuit or electrocuted the user.

Well, that’s all guys. Hope it solved some of your phone problem. If this do not resolved the problem, please kindly asked your service centre or JUST BUY A NEW PHONE if you are lucky enough. Until then, see yaXDXD



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