Smurf 2: The Blue Moon EXISTS!!! READ IT!!!


Adorable blue creatures!!!!! Smurfs 2 delivered it perfectly!! Now, in my whole life , I never watched Smurfs cartoon show because it didn’t broadcasted in my region. So, I thought the movie Smurfs and Smurfs 2 was just a normal 3D movie but my perception was beaten entirely.

In western world (America apparently, correct me if I wrong), Smurfs world was a nostalgic episodes. I didn’t memorized name of each characters in the movie let alone in the cartoon. But fear not, as I will not talk about how awesome Smurfs is, but I going to talk about the main key that connects between two movie. Before that, let’s get to a short review, shall we?

Gargamel (Hank Azaria) was now a magician celebrity in Paris. Although he is famous, he seems don’t care about all of that. He thinks that his fans were actually his minions or just an annoying crowd. In his head, he only think on how to get the Smurfs Power to rule the world. He created the Naughties named Vexy (Christina Ricci) and Hackus (J.B. Smoove). He called them a failure experiments because his objective want to create a Smurf that will supplied him unlimited power. And, he already got the equipment ready.

Smurfs Village was going to have a surprise birthday party for Smurfette(Katy Perry) but it turned ugly as she interpreted it wrong and got kidnapped by Vexy. At the real world, Patrick(Neil Patrick Harris) and Grace (Jayma Mays) was having a birthday party with their boy named Blue. Inspired from the Smurfs the encountered in the first Smurfs movies. Unfortunately, Victor (Brendan Gleeson) , Patrick’s stepfather arrived and crashed  party apart. By this time also, Papa Smurfs alongside with Clumsy, Grouchy and Vanity arrived to this world with the help of transportation crystal made from the essence of blue moon.

With the help of Patrick and Grace, they managed to locate Smurfette where about.  Meanwhile Vexy tricked Smurfette and got her thinking that Papa will come and rescued her. Smurfette somehow understood that and accepted Vexy, Hackus and Gargamel as her new family. Papa was devastated to saw this turnabout and so does the rest. Patrick stepfather’s issue finally reached a climax when his stepfather decided to leave him alone after the pain that he brought to Patrick. After receiving wonderful advice from Papa and Grace he reached out to his stepfather and apologized to him. Thus, both of them bonded and now, to save Smurfette.

Smurfette are forced to give the Smurfs ingredient to save Vexy and Hackus from dying out of Smurfs Powder thirst.  Gargamel excited to finally see his work grow as Vexy and Hackus turned blue very much like a normal Smurfs. Papa and the gang was too late to stop Gargamel. Gargamel almost reached his glorious moment until Patrick and Victor crashed the party. The instrument was destroyed and The Smurfs community received two new residents. Happy Ending!!

Wow, that’s a very short summary. Even my normal essay wouldn’t be this long. Anyhow, what I would want to share with you is the main key that connects the two movies. Better clue?? That connect the two worlds………. Yes, I know you are awesome!! You are right. The blue moon. Think about it, if the blue moon phenomena didn’t occurred, the Smurfs would never went to real world and the movie would never exists.


The Blue Moon phenomena is REAL!!!!! And I’m here to share with you some facts about it.

  • The term blue moon is actually have a variety of definition:
    1. In 16th century the term meant ‘obvious absurdity’.
    2. The first meaning led to a second definition which is ‘never’.
    3. Blue moon is literally defined as ‘the blue moon’. In 1883, the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa exploded, its dust turned the sunsets green and the moon appeared blue all around the world.
    4. Blue moon also means ‘rare’. That why people used it in phrase like ‘once in a blue moon’.
    5. Blue moon also indicated that a person have a sad mood.
    6. It’s also a name of a drink. It consists of blue liquid in a cocktail glass, that requires curacao, gin and a twist of lemon.
    7. Recently, the term blue moon is used to described a second full moon in a month.
  1. To see a second full moon, it is very likely. But to see a real blue moon, that’s rare. It depends on where you live.
  2. When the second full moon appeared, sometimes we see it in covered in green color rather than blue.
  3. The blue color can only been seen if you live near a volcanic area. This is because the volcano ash cloud filled with particle ,1 micron diameter wider than red color wavelength which is roughly around 0.7 micron. The red light easily scattered while blue color pass through undisturbed. Thus, you see the moon appeared blue.
  4. Occasionally, you can also see it in an event of very large fire area. Although, rarely.
  5. The term blue moon is mostly associated with loneliness and despair, such as in a song called Blue Moon.
  6. The phrase ‘blue moon’ is described in anonymous poem from 1528.
  7. The latest blue moon phenomenon was 31st August 2012 and next one calculated is July 2015.
  8. Every 19 years, the February’s month doesn’t have a full moon. At the same year, it will have 2 full moons in 2 different months. This is called ‘double blue moon’. The next one calculated is 2018.

Courtesy: Getty Images


Vancouver, August 31st 2012

That’s all guys. I’m sure there tons more info, just googled it.. to end this, here a quote:

Blue Moon is a modern piece of folklore, masquerading as something old”,

~Philip Hiscock, Writer of Sky & Telescope~

Until next time.. see yaXDXD


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