The Mentalist: S06E10. Simon Baker had done a very AWESOME job!!!!


This week’s episode was AWESOME, FUNNY AND SUPERB!!! Lately, I thought The Mentalist was going downward due to the death of Jane’s nemesis, Red John. But, that changed when I watched this episode. It was awesome to see how Patrick Jane bring down the FBI to its knees.

We began at a point where Patrick Jane was brought to a detention suite. he kept his posture when Abbott broke their last deal and found out that Kim is an FBI Agent. Lisbon, on the other hand, at her office finding a stapler. Wow, office theft really do occur, does it? I wonder how many stationary  was lost during a day in an office. Kim made a surprise visit and asked Lisbon to made Jane worked with them. Reluctantly agreed, she went and saw Jane relaxing on a couch drinking tea while reading a book.

Lisbon tried to persuaded Jane but Jane still fixed on following his demand. Then, they got invited to a case.  A case involving kidnapping of Abel Schneiderman, a computer programming works for federal bank government. Jane show off his skill profiling the victim and his wife, Defiance. Abbott impressed and the newly formed team begins the investigation.

This time, Kim seems want to control Jane strictly. But we already know that Jane doesn’t like to be controlled, right?  Kim’s initial thought was that she already know Jane inside and out. Seriously, just two days meeting in oversea you can figured someone out? God, the arrogance.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, once again, Jane pulled it off. He gained Defiance’s trust while other FBI agent had failed to do so. While walking to the roof, they met Nguyen Hai, a Vietnamese refugee who told them to not disturbed him anymore. You know, an officer of law usually have questions if they have a murder nearby.

At the roof where the victim usually hang out, Jane seems to noticed something. Something big. He talked to Defiance while secretly isolating them from Lisbon and Kim. Then, he asked Defiance to announced the case to the press. He told Kim later, which leave her running to get Defiance back. In that moment, Jane ran away from Kim, smartly though. Back at the office, Kim blame others for Jane’s ecape but Cho reminded her that it’s her fault too. Kim tried to asked Lisbon on how to control Jane which Lisbon have no answer to that.

Back to Jane, we watched him wrote ‘TOP SECRET’ on a letter then he posted it. Quite funny actually but awesomely smart. Then, he wrote word ‘JANE’ on a street only to be found by FBI agent purposely. Jane want to re-negotiate the terms when Kim arrived but was denied. Then, he told Kim that Defiance’s physic, Cleo was murdered and Abel cut Cleo’s body to pieces and stored them at the roof. Abel was on the run. Kim thought it was a joke only to be proven otherwise. God, I hate this woman.

Jane was released from custody and demanded to go back to Defiance’s place for more clues. Kim reluctantly agreed. while on a plane, Lisbon finally burst out. She was upset with Jane who seems to decide Lisbon’s road and not considered what Lisbon’s feeling about that. Jane apologized. At Defiance’s home, Jane getting a big slap from her. Haha!!Jane’s initial conclusion was wrong. Defiance loved Abel and she will not ever slept with Cleo. Jane understood that but still standing on his conclusion. Lisbon once again show off his police skill saying that Cleo was a fraud and she was proven to be right. I think the next season, Lisbon will be much wiser than before. Anyone agree?

Later, Jane learned that Cleo actually had access to Defiance’s home and instantly know the full story. He also knew that Abel was still here and very much alive. This event led to Nguyen. Jane knew that Abel was kept inside that apartment. He guessed in the closet. He guessed correctly but with a little twist. Abel killed Cleo out of jealousy but he was kidnapped by Nguyen that asked for $10 million ransom.

All end’s well except for Jane. His was called to Abbott office hoping to re-negotiate but only met disappointment. Before leaving, Jane asked Abbott to read his mail. Abbott found something shocking. It appeared that Jane do have something on his sleeve. The letter contained list of names that were members of Blake Association. Abbott clarified that all was arrested. Jane claimed only the unBLACKED one. The BLACKED names consists of judges, FBI agents and congressman.

This is Jane’s leverage. Due to that, all Jane’s demands must be fulfilled and only at that time, Jane will give Abbott the list. And correct again, Jane got want he wanted and Lisbon got her job as an FBI Agent. “let’s see what kind of trouble we can make”.

And, Patrick Jane received socks from Lisbon. I don’t know if he following harry Potter’s tradition or what, but seriously, that indicated Patrick Jane is FREE!!!!

I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s going to be awesome as this one I hope. Until then, see ya.. XDXD




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