Marvel Agent of SHIELD S01E10, “it’s frustrating yet I don’t want to stop watching it”


this week episode have been a tough one for us. I felt sorry for Skye. And the Centipede program have reached its climax, I think. With this, I think they called this episode a mid-season finale. Wow, I didn’t know about this term ‘midseason finale’. What does it means?? A climax?? Or just a cliffhanger? I don’t know and I think there is no need to. Anyway, let’s move on with it..

now, as same as any English series, the episode starts off with a flashback with clues about the episode for the audience. Then, at a high security prison lies a man with exquisite taste and high etiquette in a prison canteen. Suddenly, 3 highly militarize individual suddenly ambushed from the roof and the man was taken away.  Before that, the man asked one of the individuals to call him ‘Sir’. Confused and reluctant, he obeyed.

Meanwhile, Skye was able to filtrate all the female agents that were active during her early period on the orphanage. Surprisingly, Coulson asked May’s help to locate some secret document about Skye’s parent. Though, Skye thought it was going to be private secret between her and Coulson. Next, the team assembled for the next mission. The man known as Edison Po (Cullen Douglas) and he seems to be the big boy in the secret organization that run Centipede Program. Coulson asked for backup for this mission and they got one. Mike Peterson (J. August Richards), former Centipede participant and now become a SHIELD agent. You may recognized him from the first episode.

Now, everyone in the team disapproved him for what happened back then. He wants to be useful and apologies for every mistakes he had done. Back to the mission, it appeared one of the military personnel have a sister. Coulson divided the tasks and unfortunately, Mike’s is at lab running some diagnostic. Mike complained but obeyed the order. While there, Mike noticed that Simmons is a muscular body type. Haha!! So cute.. XDXD

Ward and Coulson found the sister in a university and through some trickery managed to get the military personnel location. Skye met up and May and she wanna say thank you for helping her but only to be reply harshly by May. Erghhh!! Sometimes I hate this woman. The girls managed to find the relation with the girl in a flower dress, Raina (from episode 5) and Po and a person called The Clairvoyant is heard. Coulson said it’s impossible to have a person with psychic ability much less predict the future.

Now, with every info are collected, Mike is ready to be suited up. Ward, Mike, May and Coulson arrived at a abandon facility where the 3 military personnel awaits. They fight hard and Mike got injured. One personnel managed to get alive and Coulson want to take him in. unfortunately, he died with internal explosion in the eye. The same incident and optical implant had been used in Akela Amador (Pascale Armand) in episode 4. At the same time, Po and Raina realized that Mike is still alive even without continuous injection. Po said that Mike have what Raina wants. A phase 3 tech.

Skye once again met with May to know an update with her research. May talked to Skye very harshly. Saying that she should be here, don’t belong here and some things like that. Skye hurt badly. Really badly. God, I HATE that woman!! Meanwhile, Coulson give an advice to Mike that he should come home and be with his boy. Spend time with him rather than just called him all day. Mike took that advice but unfortunate thing occurred. Raina got his boy and she want Mike to do something. In exchange for his boy, he must turned himself to Raina.

Everybody was ready at the exchange location. ward with his sniper rifle and May looked sharply from behind. Coulson escorted Mike to the exchange point but a twist happened. It turned out that Raina doesn’t want Mike but she wants Coulson instead. Now, that’s a way to make the viewer stick to the show. I greatly applaused!!  Everyone just lost of words. There are nothing to say. May now must lead the team to find Coulson.

Coulson will not say anything to Raina, or so he thought. Raina on the other hand, just to know one thing. She want Coulson the tell her what happened after he died. I suspected it has something to do with Phase 3 but we will find out sooner or later. Until next time.. see yaXDXD



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