Btooom!!! A Dark Survival in a Tropical Paradise!!!


Btoom!. Yup, it’s a very weird name and somehow hard to pronounce but then again, Japan are not unknown to weirdness. Btoom! is a name of MMORPG virtual game that utilized bombs only and the usage of radar (like in a submarine) rather than a map to find opponents. Although this a gore virtual game that emphasized on strategy but apparently, you can also engage in marriage. Virtually married of course. Sakamoto Ryota is a NEET in real world but rank 10th in virtual world. The most respected, powerful and the only Japan player who ranked top ten. He feels supreme in that world but soon, his whole life and maybe his perception of people will change forever. Welcome the to the real Btoom!!!


Sakamoto found himself on an abandon island, confused and scare about well, everything. He soon realized that he had unknown white pouch that contain some kind of bomb. The first person he met tried to killed him instead of talking to him. Yup, you may guessed it right. This is a survival island that will challenge Sakamoto’s reasoning and instinct to survival. Throughout the journey of the story, Sakamoto learned about the usage of the bombs and learned not to trust people so easily. More importantly, the reason.

The harsh reason why he was brought here. The one who send him was his own mother. He didn’t not believe it at first, but given on how bad he treated his family, this was the only logical reason. Wow, the anime is so frustrated and dark most of the time.


Sakamoto often have a conflict with himself about killing others. There is not one time he kill others for fun. Usually, for self-defense, or save someone. But, in darkness, he found the light. His in-game wife, Himiko. Himiko is female school student that is wanted by men for her big breast figure. The reason she was sent to the island was because her friends. Her friends was raped by people that she introduced. Felt betrayed and guilty, she often ready to kill herself rather than loses her virginity in the island.

In one episode, Sakamoto saved Himiko after she was kidnapped by a mercenaries. It was then, he realized Himiko was his love partner and so thus, Himiko. In the final episode, they confessed to each other and ready to have sex. But, Sakamoto stopped and stated that he want to date her officially when they get out from the island.


Well, that’s a short synopsis I must say. If you watch Sword Art Online or Accel World, they share common traits. Survival and being in a game. The plot was dark and frustrating sometimes. I wish I can shout to Sakamoto and said “ Just kill him already you bastard!!!” . For your information, although the series have only 12 episodes, it don’t stop there. I don’t know if there is going to be a 2nd season, but it’s most advisable to read the manga for more.


Well, with that done. I hope you enjoyed the series. I do because they managed to get me enraged. To me, that qualified as a good series. Until then, see ya..XDXD




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