Dangan Ronpa: The Animation “so cute yet very hellish!!!”


It’s been awhile since my last post. I been busy preparing seminar and cases for presentation.. L . it’s time for Dangan Ronpa: The Animation!!!!! The series is based on a game with the same name. search it for more info. I’m sure you’ll find it especially it’s made for PS Vita. For those who watched anime for so long, you would know the anime is a little different from the usual one. Highly-impossibly energetic characters, weird hairs and nonsense but truly awesome graphic would be the highlighted parts.

For the first impression, I would viewed the first episode first. The result is awesome. The graphic, the initial story telling is awesome!! Who would thought that a cute little bear is a psychopath!!  The protagonist, Makoto Naegi finally got accepted in a highly elite academy called Hope’s Peak Academy along with fourteen students who are highly elite (Super Duper Student) in their respective field. If you want to know those student, here’s a link for you.


Credit–> namioki.deviantart


As soon as Naegi set foot at the academy, everything went  black. He woke up in confusion and suddenly being called in school’s hall where he met all the characters and the cute yet psychopath principal, Monokuma. the principal told them that they are now in an environment where they will live for the rest of their life unless… they managed to graduate. How?? That’s the gruesome part. In order to graduate, one of them must kill someone (meaning among themselves) and don’t get caught (yes, a perfect crime).

Now, the plot of the series (I said series, not episodes) are divided into three parts. According to Dangan Ronpa Wiki, the first one is exposition. Before any crime occur, the characters will get know each other and the anime using a level system. They started at ground floor where canteen, dorm and hall are located. When each murder is solved, a stair gate will opened and new level will be available. Second, the investigation. After a crime is done, the students will search for clues around available areas in allocated time set by Monokuma. The last and most awesome part, School Trial. After clues had been gathered, it’s time to present, debate and rebuttal. Kinda looks like in Ace Attorney series but with higher pace and much graphics. The one usually solved the crime is the protagonist, Makoto Naegi. Before starting, Naegi was given 3 bullets for rebuttal and 6 bullets for the last episode. You should watched it!! it’s awesome and rapid!!.. after a murderer have been known, a punishment awaits them. One hell of a punishment!! And seems impossible to fit in a tiny academy.


This is spoiler, but what the hell. Hahaha!! Later in the series, one of the students, Kyouko Kirigiri (Super Duper High School Detective) found clues on why there are only 15 students and possibly a 16th one on this school, why there are pictures of them that showed they knew each other before the event and the real Monokuma. In the last episode, throughout Naegi’s deduction, it’s revealed that all 15 of them are in the state of amnesia when the event occurred. Monokuma agreed to that but the real question is which parts of the memory is taken and why?. This question don’t revealed its answer in the anime, I guess you must played the game then. For the purpose on why they being in the academy, Monokuma or Junko Enoshima (Super Duper High School Despair) explained that it’s for entertainment of the outside world.


The outside world as Monokuma explained, have been corrupted by despair and everyone the students knew whether it’s family or friends are dead. The only thing that keep them alive is an air filter located in the school which is will malfunction upon Junko’s death. At the last School Trial, Junko was defeated by Naegi who was and is Super Duper High School Hope/Lucky and the remaining 5 students. The ending left me with 2 questions: what is ‘despair’ that can caused massive global destruction? Is there will be a 2nd season?? Because this anime is so awesome!!

I would recommend you to watched it first hand and I would mind watching it for the second time. Well then, until next time.. see yaXDXD



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