Riddick (2013) “Entertaining Enough But No Furya Sighted.. Yet”


Happy holiday to those who celebrate Christmas!!… or to those who just happy to celebrate holiday.  This time review, I want to give my opinion about Riddick (2013) movie. There are not much to say but the movie is great to me, at least. Let’s get started.

5 years after the ending of The Chronicle of Riddick (2004), Riddick is now head of the Necromonger. The Lord Marsyal. Although, he reluctantly leads them, now he can use their technology to find his hometown, Furya. He also realized that all commanders don’t like him and the believers hates him due to his misbelieve and a kind heart. Commander Vaako arranged a coupe against Riddick. He know that Riddick would do anything to find his world, and Vaako took that chances. Vaako’s subordinates take Riddick to a sun-drenched and dry planet and left him for dead in that not-Furya planet.


Riddick soon realized that the betrayal was due to his incompetence and loss of animal touch. He vow to search that animal instinct, get out of the planet and kill Vaako.


The planet is swarmed with predators. Riddick is badly injured and the survival rate is very slim. Until, he found out that beyond another side of the planet is a land full of grass and clean water. Riddick determined to set foot at that land. Only, there is one problem. A scorpion-like predator, ”Mud Demons”  living only in wet land with water (in other word, mud). The big mud predator is guarding an entrance leading to the promised land. With preparation and a company, a dog-like creature he saved, he set off to defeat the mud predator.

After defeating the Demons, Riddick reached the land. It seems a lot of time passes because the dog gets bigger and more bonded to Riddick. Anyway, their journey lead to a abandon Merc Facility. He finally find an opportunity to get off this planet. Riddick activate an emergency beacon, purposely exposing himself. Two Merc ships responded to the beacon. Santana first and then, Johns.


Riddick leave a message that stated “Leave one ship and go or, Die Here”. On the first night, Rubio, Falco and Nunez are killed by Riddick clever trap and darkness forcing Santana to join forces with Johns. Santana also suggested to take out a power node from each ships to prevent Riddick from escaping. That is proven futile when Riddick managed to steal both of them. As cloud of rain approaching, Riddick want to make a deals with Santana and Johns. The deal was off when second chief-in-commands of Johns, Dahl shoots Riddick with a multiple horse tranquilizers. Riddick’s alien dog tried to defend his master by attacking Santana but died by a multiple gun shots from him.

Back at the station, Johns want to hear the fate of his son, William J. Johns (from the first movie) although Santana wants his head to be cut off as soon as possible. As the rain hit down the facility, Mud Demons raises from the muddy land and attack the facility. Lockspur and Moss goes down first. Johns agree to let Riddick loose only to be opposed by Santana. In 5 seconds, Riddick managed to beheaded (well, not entirely) Santana and keeping his earlier promises to kill merc and avenge his pet.

Diaz (subordinate of Santana),Vargas,  Johns and Riddick take off to retrieved the power nodes.  Vargas is the first to die in the time-racing survival. During the journey, Diaz shakes off Johns ride causing him to fell off but Riddick take him just in time. Upon arriving at the power nodes location, Riddick revealed to Johns about his son’s addiction to morphine and his son was a coward by using a child to escape from danger. By taking this opportunity, Diaz betrayed both of them but Riddick successfully take him down. Diaz sabotaged the rides beforehand, leaving the duo with no choice but to walk.


While fighting endless horde of Mud Demons, both of them almost arrived at Johns ship. But, Riddick is severely injured. Johns abandon Riddick with the power nodes. Riddick somehow foresees this, continues to fight endlessly until he find himself at a cliff edge. Thankfully, Johns returns and save Riddick. Riddick finally get a ship thanks to Johns and praised him for his bravery. Now, Riddick take off to find Vaako who early claimed that only he have the original map leading to Furya.

That’s the end of it. I would rather say, the plot is simpler but arranged neatly. I thought Riddick would find Furya but I guess we should wait for another movie then. In unrated version, there was a lot of obscene scene and gore executions. What I’m interested is the planet itself. The atmosphere was okay but with the predators lying around under our feet, I’m not so sure about civilization.

But, there is civilization. When Riddick took sleep under a rock, that rock seems can be carved from a civilized tools. Proven there had to be civilization. Then again, this is a movie. Haha!! Anything can happened with CGI these days. Well then, until next time, see yaXDXD



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