Psycho-Pass “What defined crime in the first place?? If you can answered it, you are DEAD wrong!!”


The series takes place in near future in Japan where psychological behavior and mental of a person can be calculated. In other word, science finally find a way to read human’s mind. This mental assessment is called “Psycho-Pass”. When Psycho-Pass scanned (cymantic scan) someone, it will show a probability called “Crime-Coefficient”, and when it’s high enough to pass certain threshold, that person is comprehend and further therapy will follow. This magnificent system were controlled by Sibyl System, a very highly complex super computer up to a point where it can judge people based on the Crime Coefficient.

The story focuses on Akane Tsunemori, who just recently joined Public Safety Bureau’s Division 1. Along with the Enforcers, a team composed on highly dangerous individuals based on their high Crime-Coefficient, they investigate crimes and hunt criminal. the bureau supplied them with a magnum-like gun called Dominators, served as a gunpoint judgment controlled by Sibyl System. Their daily investigation leads them to a mastermind of multiple crimes, Makishima Shogo. little do they know, Makishima’s plan is much bigger even the magnificent Sibyl System cannot hand down the judgment.

Let’s tell the story thru their characters:


Akane Tsunemori

She appeared naïve and shy when she first arrived at the crime scene in the first episode. She worked side by side with Nobuchika Ginoza and controlled the Enforcers. She is an upright person and stand by her decisions. Along the series, she shown a very talented skill being a Detective. Although she was unsure about the path she take (she got high score and can take any jobs that Sibyl System offered), but that changed after her close friend, Yuri was killed by Makishima infront of her eyes. She began to questioned Sibyl System judgment. Although, she already ‘met’ Sibyl System, she still unsure what to do. Then, Kougami Shinya betrayed the team because of Sibyl System’s way of handling things, Akane begans to see things differently. She even made a deal with Sibyl System to save Kougami. Although the deal was broken, Akane determined to take down Sibyl System one day so that human can live their dreams once again.


Nobuchika Ginoza

Akane’s partner. He is a strict person especially towards the Enforcers. He always draw line between him and the Enforcers but apparently, that line began to fade as the story goes on. He is a man who followed the rules although he begin to question the Sibyl System in later episodes. Ginoza firstly underestimated Akane due to her naivety but later respected her as a talented detective. Unknown to others, his Crime-Coefficient are slowly increasing due to stress and his father are an Enforcer in his team, Tomomi Masaoka. His Crime-Coefficient finally burst out of the roof when his father was killed by Makishima while saving him. Later, he become an Enforcer under Akane.


Kougami Shinya

A former detective and now is an Enforcer. He used to worked with Ginoza but after his friend and also an Enforcer, Sasayama Mitsuru died, his Crime-Coefficient increases significantly and demoted into an Enforcer. He have a very sharp mind and often bring ideas to a crime. After Makishima Shogo have been identified thanks to Akane, he set off to find him. He managed to find relation between Makishima and Sasayama’s death and betrayed the team to killed him. Although he have some bad attitude, he have some good one especially in comforting Akane after her friend was killed. He managed to tracked down Makishima and killed him, thus ending his journey. He is no longer with the Enforcers and his fate is unknown.


Tomomi Masaoka  

The oldest among the team and Nobuchika’s father. He played a role of a father in this story although he not being much as a father to Nobuchika. He often seen to give wisdom and advice to Akane due to her duty as Inspector. His previous job as detective helps him in profiling and track down criminal. the reason being an Enforcer are not clear ,at least to me. His role ended when the team tracked down Makihsima in an abandon facility. He almost managed to capture him but Makishima play a clever trick. He threw a dynamite toward Ginoza, and due to his father instinct protected Ginoza at the cost of his life.


Yayoi Kunizuka

The only female in the Enforcer. Calm but not easy to trust people. This was due to her past. She was once a musician and later brought up to rehabilitation facility due to her high Crime-Coefficient. She managed to knew another musician and she trusted him. But that changed when that musician betrayed her. She agreed to become an Enforcer later. She is quiet and expert on computer. Her role is not much in this series. In my opinion, she served as a crowd in the team.


Shuusei Kagari

From childhood, he is viewed as a latent criminal (person with high Crime-Coefficient) by Sibyl System. Thus, Sibyl System gave him a place to belong by becoming an Enforcer. He is easygoing person but deep down he despised humanity, especially Sibyl System. In later episode, he tracked down Makishima’s subordinate, Choe gu-sung, a hacker in basement of Ministry of Welfare. Both of them managed to found Sibyl System. Unfortunately, Kagari is killed on-site by the Chief of Public Safety bureau itself. In my simple word, Kagari served as a color in this gloomy team.


Makishima Shogo                    

Makishima is identified for  being a mastermind behind multiple crimes. Although, his goal were much bigger than that. In my opinion, he is not the bad guy, I get kinda sad to see him died. His goal were to freed people from Sibyl System grasp. Though, he cruelty and sadistic behavior were often gory. He is very capable fighter and managed to take Kougami down during their first met. He often seen accompanied by Choe gu-sung and he likes books the most. He also one the rare people who can control his Crime-Coefficient and render his Psycho-Pass useless against Sibyl System. Thus, making Dominator wasn’t able to pass judgment upon him despite his murderous act. This is first time shown when he killed Yuki, Akane’s best friend and she wasn’t able to anything despite having Dominator in her hand. The Crime-Coefficient shown was at zero level. The only reading that a character have throughout the series. He died by the hand of Kougami Shinya before his goal were achieved.


Sibyl System

In my opinion, this is the true protagonist although many articles stated otherwise. Developed many years, the system composed of collection of rare people’s brain (people who the previous system can’t  have a read on their psychological behavior) who connected to a network which read human mental and pass judgment upon them. The system connected entirely to Japan’s network for example in city’s security cam, the drones, hospital and even in the Dominators. The system also responsible for decided human’s future. This is what Makishima fighting for. As the system grows powerful, human choice become limited and just like a sheep, drove people mindless.  Akane claimed that although she despite the system but the city can’t live without it, so she hoped that someday, someone will destroy the system. Sibyl System just laugh at the idea.


The series was great and truly awesome. The storyline was neatly edited yet informative. And kinda make you think about this day’s society. What defined crime at the first place?? Set up in a near future setting, you can’t run for having a little CGI. The crew threw that perfectly. It was awesome to see a Dominator changed from Paralyzer Mode to Lethal Mode. Whoever create it, you make a magnificent job.


I suggest you watch this series. Yes, it’s an anime but in my opinion, the target was to adult. There are too much gore and difficult words for a kid to understand. Lastly, women beware when you watch this anime. The gore scene was too much for you to handle. Haha..until then, see ya!!


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