The Bureau: XCOM Declassified “Do you have the balls to play this game?”

Well, this is my first time ever to played XCOM game. Now, I know there are a lot of XCOM or X-COM titles but let’s just focus on this one. It’s a fun game but not without hiccup. At the beginning, the game is quite easy, just having a little trouble with developing some strategies but later, the enemy get tougher and somehow hard to beat. Sometimes, I die like 3 times before I cleared that area. Let’s get move on, shall we??



I’m quite skeptical to play the game actually, because this is a franchise game. It got timeline and maybe some familiar names to a hardcore gamer. I’m a perfectionist person, so I tend to finish all the games and the related one. Unfortunately, I can’t find most of the XCOM or X-COM games, so this game is enough for me. The plot is quite linear but with some twist at the end. however, it’s different with the characters. The characters are good and they can made you feel the tension of world’s end. The gameplay are new to me. Quite awesome and pretty hard. Haha!!


I will not explained in the detail what happened, but here’s a summary. At the beginning, William Carter refused to surrendered a secret case to a military personnel. Little does he know, that personnel is infected with Outsider’s Virus and suddenly shot him. The personnel opened up the case and emits a bright light which later stun Carter. Carter awaken and surprise to see the gunshot wound healed. At this time, simultaneously alien invasion happened. Director Faulke summoned Carter to The Bureau. It’s a classified base in case of invasion from Russia ever occur. The Bureau or the XCOM become the HQ after the president’s bunker was destroyed by the Outsiders.


Throughout the game, Carter and his team of two men saved survivors, attacked bases and retrieved alien’s technologies to be adapted with theirs and fight the invasion. Gradually and through interrogation, The Bureau learned that a communication network called The Mosaic is giving commands to the soldier. The Mosaic is empowered by enslaved Ethereal and controlled by The Origin. Director Faulke’s idea was to destroy the command center thus cutting the main network. They succeed and they also managed to capture the Ethereal. Later, the captured Ethereal speak to Asaru, the Ethereal resides in Carter which is a shock to everybody, even to Carter. So, apparently, we have controlling Asaru instead of Carter himself.


Near the end, Carter realized that he do not want to be controlled by Asaru, he installed a 30-seconds time bomb. Here are the player choices as they are now controlled Asaru. Control Carter back or let them die after 30 seconds, which the game ends, I think. Alternatively, the player can choose whether they want Asaru to control, Director Faulke, Dr. Weir or Agent Weaver. I chose the girl of course. There are 3 endings depending on which character you possessed.

Director Faulke : he will take control of the Outsiders and treated the Sleepwaker but unable to cure.

Dr.Weir: he will cease Outsiders invasion, helps them search other new world but will not preserve the technologies. Although, he cure the Sleepwalker.

Agent Weaver: She will kill Outsiders, their technologies and the Sleepwalkers.

So, in the end, The Outsiders are defeated. So, I dunnot how this fits the next game in timeline, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Maybe the next game, it’s a different alien, I don’t know and will never ever bother to research it.



William Carter– a senior FBI Agent will exceptional field experiences. Excellent marksmanship and able handle extreme difficulty with ease. He is able to communicate with his teammate due to Asaru’s power thus excellent in strategizing in middle of combat. he is strict but reasonable at times.




Agent Weaver– Director Faulke’s secretary and his trustee. She is a strict person due to her woman’s presence in boy’s field. However, her emotional sometimes appeared especially when she learned of her brother whereabout. The player got the play as her, if Asaru chooses her.



Director Faulke– the Chief-in-Command in the Bureau. He promoted himself to President of US after the current one died during the invasion. Strict, heartless and have a grasp towards the objectives. He also a very secretive person as he don’t trust no one due to his suspicion of spy. The player will get to play him, if Asaru chooses him.



Dr. Weir– the brain behind XCOM Operations. Rescued by Carter, he and his team able to recreate weapons and technologies based on Outsiders schematics. He also a very capable fighter. The player will get to play him, if Asaru chooses him.




The gameplay is pretty new to me, so it’s kinda hard. Yeah, you must watch out your back and your teams simultaneously. Generally, it’s third person shooter with a tactical gameplay. You will make through a certain area until you reach a very wide field. alternatively, you will heard one of your teammate spotted the enemies. Then, with a button command, a screen compromised of you and your teams abilities and you can also order the teammate in which way to go. All in the split seconds. You also will do the same in the middle of the combat. This is where it get hard. All abilities will have a cooldown period once used, so use wisely. The enemies will also get harder but once the pattern is learned, it’s easy to overcome. Mostly, I used only one basic strategy and made adaption against a harder enemy. Remember!! Always killed the commander first before others because it can summoned more soldiers. We don’t want that, do we??


The Verdict

As I said it before, the plot are quite linear but the enemies are awesome!! The weapon done a lot of damages but the aftereffect is unpleasant, so mostly the player will stick to the easiest one to handle rather than the damage it will done. the characters are well built although some of the lines are cheesy and somehow felt not right. The graphic are good but not great. Since it’s not an open world, the environment are bearable only to certain extend. The gameplay is somehow hard later in higher mode. I will not play the hard mode ever again. I pretty disappointed because the game does not offer any collectibles or unlockable upon finishing the game. So, I feel kinda awkward when finishing the game and received nothing for my effort. I should have seen anything unlocked but there is no notification about that in the game.

My Score: 3.5/5



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