Outbreak Company :”An anime where a jobless person gets a very high salary”

Do you love anime?? Do you love games?? Most importantly, do you loves magic??!! Then, this anime is exactly for you. Yup, Outbreak Company is a quite awesome anime, I must say. Filled with comedy, romantic and struggle. Somehow, this anime is not easy to watch as in other anime. Let’s get started, shall we??


Shinichi Kano is a NEET who love no, mastered otaku. He have no jobs, no life, no girlfriend and don’t ask me how his parent putting up with his life. If it was me, my dad would kill me for sure!! One day, he found a job applicantion in the internet. The requirement are quite awesome: No experiences required, no degree or any certificate required and the salary is very high. The application required you to answered 200 questions about otaku in allocated time. Shinichi got a full score. Then, suddenly he is in bed at another world.

Upon waking up, he met a wonderful maid, Myucel Foaran, a half-elf. Yup, being served by the maid is truly a dream come true for Shinichi. He later met Jinzaburo Matoba, the one responsible for bringing him here. Apparently, Matoba was a representative from Japanese Government and the one who discover a portal leading to this unknown world called Eldant. Apparently, Eldant have a fantasy setup but lack in cultural society. Shinichi’s task is to introduce the otaku culture from Japan to this world. Of course, all will be paid by the government, even the promised salary. Now, the adventure begins.


Shinichi built school so that children can learn to read thus, appreciating the culture that he bring. Shinichi also make alliance with Queen of Holy Eldant Empire, Petralka Anne Eldant III. In one episode, the school was seized by rebellions and Shinichi, Myucel and Petralka was captured. The head of the rebellions called Shinichi an invader toward the Kingdom. Shinichi was confused on why he was called in that fashion. Until, it was revealed towards the end.

It turns out, Matoba was going to conquered the alternate world. While using brute force is not a choice because they could not understand magics, the Japanese government attacks using cultural side. Quite brilliant I must say and I really didn’t see that coming. Only then, Shinichi realized why he was called an invader because he was the one who brought the culture. After days of thinking about it, Shinichi qot a brilliant idea.


Shinichi proposed that the Empire manufacture their own manga and anime. This way, they will not be dependent to Japan. Later that night, an assassination attempt toward Shinichi failed and Matoba was blamed. Through trickery, Petralka managed to get an audience with the Japanese government and the issue is settled. Thus, the story end with Shinichi continue becoming an ambassador and happy ending. Seriously, when I watched the ending I disappointed. Seems I can’t get enough. I hope there is a second season!!!!



Shinichi Kano- A NEET who love anime, manga and games. Somehow, all the boobie girls surround him.




Myucel Foaran- a beautiful maid with excellent body proportion according to Shinichi. Served Shinichi and somehow have a crush on him.




Petralka Anne Eldant III- the Queen of Holy Eldant Empire. She is the same age with Shinichi and have a strong jealousy towards Myusel due to her closeness to Shinichi. Although she is still a teenager, her management skill and tactical are on par with the elders.






Minori Koganuma – a JDSF member. She also an otaku but specialized in boys-love section. She often imagined the forbidden love between Shinichi and Garius.




Garius En Cordal–  Petralka’s cousin. Always beside her and he also one of her advisor. Due to Minori influences, he become a fan of boys-love manga. Also, somehow he developed feeling towards Shinichi. Now, that’s sick.




Jinzaburo Matoba– reprentative from Japanese government who hired Shinichi. he just following a sinister plan although he does have a good side sometimes.


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