Sword Art Online: Extra Edition “A wonderful memories for all of us”

For those who didn’t watch Sword Art Online, then I recommend this. This special episode still have all the original characters and the timeline is months after Kirito rescued Asuna in Alfheim Online.


Kirito asked Asuna, Rika and Keiko to teach Suguha swimming due to their next underwater online mission. Meanwhile, Kirito is summoned to the counseling room. Surprisingly, it’s not the counselor who want to meet him but Kikuoka Seijiro,  a member of Ministry of Internal Affairs. He want asked Kirito about Aikihiko Kayaba’s motive in Sword Art Online. Thus, Kirito started the story telling from the beginning. The flashback of Sword Art Online Arc begins here.

Meanwhile, Suguha asked Rika, Keiko and Asuna about how they met Kirito in the first place. Around this time, Suguha also were forced to tell them how she met her brother. This begins the second arc, Alfheim Online.

After all the counseling is done, Kirito meet all his friends in an online beach. For the sake of Yui, who wants to see a whale (or ride on it??), they enter a mission. By the end of the mission, they found themselves fighting Kraken, a squid monster. Just when all seems to be lost, Leviathan, King of the Sea stop Kraken and promised to bring them home. By what??? Yup, by whale!!! Yui got her wish granted and the party gained massive reward.

The End.. haha.. until then, see ya XDXD



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