Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova “Alien who want to be human, seriously??”

This is an anime that I recommend to watch. I mean seriously, go watch it!!. I don’t know much about naval warfare except those in the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, but the idea is pretty much the same. The animation is 2D but at the same time, it is not. Do you watch 009 Re:Cyborg movie?? It’s pretty much similar to that. Here is a summary of what mostly happened.


Due to global warming and rising tide levels, Earth landmass was pretty much submerged in early 21th century. In that similar timeline, a mysteriously fleet emerged from nowhere called “ The Fleet of Fog” and destroyed all human naval power with their supreme cannon powers and Klein Field, an invincible shield. Thus, blocking all marine route and aerial also forcing humans to stay inland. Objectives are unknown.


17 years later, Chihaya Gunzo sitting on a captain chair, head of a fleet called “Blue Fleet” with his Mental Model, Iona by his side and his crew at the front. Chihaya Gunzo is former Japanese Maritime Academy who met battleship I-404 aka Iona, a Fog who defected to human side and only obeyed Gunzo’s order only. I-404 who have a superb capabilities combined with Gunzo strategical skills, able to survived several encounters with the Fogs and also managed to sunken one of its best warships.

Gunzo and his crew were hired by a faction of Japanese Government to deliver a new weapon that will level the war between The Fog and humanity to United States. This new weapon called vibration warheads will be manufactured in US due the country resourcefulness and the fact that the nation did not suffer from blockage. And the adventure begins.

yup.. it's an alien alright..

yup.. it’s an alien alright..

The storyline does differ a bit in the Ark Nova than in the manga version. For example, Takao a Fog heavy cruiser who got defeated by Gunzo and falls in love with him. In Ark Nova version, after Iona twins ship destroyed Iona, Takao sacrificed herself and fuse with Iona core, forming a new ship. But at the end, she got her avatar back. In manga version, She was almost destroyed by Zordan’s fleet. Fortunately, Gunzo just in time to save her but failed to savaged her core. Right now, her core is under Yamato’s custody.

Haruna and Kirishima were also Mental Models who joined The Blue Steel. After a battle with Gunzo, Haruna and Kirishima found themselves in care of Makie, a lonely genius girl who lived in a big mansion. It was at this period that both of them knew about the warheads and also one shocking news. Makie is not human. She is a Destiny Child, born with her ‘father’ technologies to bring more intellectual superhuman. Haruna made a promise to Makie to befriend her. At this time, a group of soldiers want to kill Makie and thus, Gunzo intervene.

a Supergravity Cannon in action!!

a Supergravity Cannon in action!!

Kongou is what you say the final boss in this anime. Partnered with Maya, she hunt I-404 and vow to take her down after seeing many of her companion change course toward the human side. In the final battle with Iona, she later befriended with her and realized the pain of loneliness. Although she did not join The Blue Fleet, she promised to come down for a tea with everyone if she ever feels alone.

Okay, this summarized most of it in this anime. I know, the manga tells a lot more but hey, you can read it if you got time, right?? I prefer this anime to everyone who love fantasy, warships, strategy and most importantly, girls. Haha.. until next time.. see yaXDXD


The Blue Fleet crew


Chihaya Gunzo


So Oribe


Kyohei Kashihara


Iori Watanuki


Shizuka Hazumi

Mental Model






Haruna & Kirishima





P.S >> I have a crush on Kongo.. <3<3



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