The Mentalist S06E11 “Patrick Jane never ceases to amazed me!!”


Patrick Jane is back!!! And the first time he want is.. his couch. Haha!! Yup, even though all of his demands is fulfilled including Lisbon’s job as FBI agent, he still grumpy about the couch. Not just any couch, he want the one in CBI office. Kim fulfilled his wish halfheartedly. Meanwhile, Abbott gather the team because they got a case. A big one too.

Five DEA agents are dead in Corpus Christi. Kim and Lisbon found out that two hidden cameras are destroyed perfectly except for the third one which Jane pinpoint. Behind a mirror. The footage showed that 3 armed mans killed those agent and at the same time destroyed the cameras like they knew where it is hidden. But why not the third one?? It will revealed later..

Meanwhile, Jane and Kim having a little chat with a DEA agent, Agent Higgins( Sterling K. Brown) who knows those five men. Higgins pointed that this would most likely done by a drug cartel running in Corpus Christi. He called the leader of that cartel, Mr.X. A secretive person, higly discipline, smart and most likely using a legal business as a cover. Jane already have a mark. Krystal Markham (Brianna Brown). Jane met Krystal accompanied by Kim, but to no avail. Kim unable to extract any useful info from her but it’s a different story with Jane. He managed to get her number. Man, I got to the learn from this guy. He sure know how to pick girls.

Back at the office, Cho suggests to the Jason Wylie, the IT brain in FBI to look for engine signature that they heard from the camera’s footage. The search pinpoint the location of the car to an abandon warehouse and found the gunmen dead. Cho found a burner phone which traced back to Francisco ‘Paco’ Perez (Mark Adair-Rios). Jane arrived at the scene and well, he take it easy, I would say. He called Krystal for a date tonight.

Krystal looked superb and mostly beautiful. Somehow, Jane opened up his story about the murder of his family and how he killed the killer, Red John. This got Krystal sympathized. Later Krystal surrendered to the FBI and revealed Paco secret location. The team (except Jane) raid the location on the next day and found nothing. Jane on the other hand, send Krystal to her house and was calmly denied by Krystal to walk her in. Then, a surprise awaits Krystal in her home.

Paco take shelter in Krystal’s house. Paco threaten to kill her as he suspected that is was Krystal who gave out the location. BUT, it turned out that Krystal is the person in charge here. Yup, MR.X is actually a woman. It is Krystal who lead the cartel and moving the drug while keeping a very low profile and now framing Paco to get to the top of the game. Jane is still in love game with Krystal. Calling her while she in the middle of killing Paco and asked both Kim and Lisbon on what to wear for his date.

Lisbon and Kim get some help from Higgins all hidden’s camera footage before it was destroyed and found something shocking. Krystal was there in DEA office. She appeared to be walking around and somehow found the hidden camera behind the mirror. Lisbon and Kim deduced that Krystal wants the camera to be found and all of this lead to Pac murder in an empty house. Cho, who is at the scene also think the same.

For the finale, Jane and Krystal are having a date in a yacht. Jane start his deduction by stating that he have another theory and he like to keep an open mind about the case. Jane pinpointed Krystal as the person in charge and based on everyone information, he deduced that she was involved in Paco’s incident. Krystal corrected him by saying that it was she who personally killed him and Jane is about the receive the same fate. Jane was saved by the arrival of FBI due to his phone is already connected to Lisbon’s call during their ‘date’, although Jane was force to jump into the water beforehand.

The case is solved. Frankly, I don’t care about the case at all. All I want to see is Patrick Jane. His action, behavior and intellect are outstanding, although his action may seems weird to normal people. Haha!! Until next time, see ya XDXD.



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