Marvel Agent of SHIELD S01E011 “this EPISODE is SCARY!!!!”


S.H.I.E.L.D is back but with a stunning, dark episode this time. I am not quite sure what to make of this episode as I don’t understand few of the plot. Well, to start off we do know from last episode that Coulson was taken by Centipede in exchange for Mike Peterson’s son. Mike went on to save Coulson out of guilt but was killed by an explosion that the Centipede prepared beforehand. Right now, SHIELD is on a hunt to search Agent Coulson, led by the sexy, Victoria Hand.

First off, Victoria captured Mr. Vanchat (Aiden Turner), a specialist in retrieving rare items. Later, Victoria held off a briefing to take down all Centipede labs based on Vanchaff info. But, seriously?? You captured someone, and expect them to cooperate?? Well, that is exactly what happened with Vanchat. Anyhow, Skye breached the SHIELD security in order to follow the money trails in Vanchat’s account. She believe that the money trails will lead them to Centipede thus, to Agent Coulson. Victoria disapproved the action and have her debriefed. And to make it worse, May also disapprove Skye being in the bus.

Skye soon finds out that her friends including her SO, Agent Ward are helping her in secret. They want her to find out about the trails using resources that only Skye can figure out.

Back to Coulson. Coulson was relaxing in the so called Tahiti when suddenly awake to an unknown site accompanied by Edison Po. It appeared that Po is torturing Coulson to find out about what happened after he died. Coulson is determined not to tell anything because well, he doesn’t know anything about his memories after he died. The only thing he knew was relaxing in Tahiti. A very magical place.

Meanwhile, Skye is on the ground trying to hack Vanchat’s account but to no avail due to SHIELD restricted access. However, she does found a way. Lloyd Rathman, a businessman. Also, she found a dress which is quite sexy. She delicately steal Rathman’s car and try to find GPS location of his house but failed. Then, she had an idea. A nice one which led having Rathman coming home and found Skye (in that sexy dress) introducing herself as Melinda may of SHIELD.

Agent Ward have lost his patient!! The interrogation with Vanchat bear no fruit at all due to incompetence SHIELD agents. Ward step in and lest than 10 minutes, he get the answers. Subtle and quick!! Victoria got want she wanted. The Centipede locations but disappointed in Ward’s action. God, I hate the woman!!apparently, she doesn’t want to search for Coulson after all.

Coulson finally get some rest after Po was killed by The Clairvoyant. Yup, he was killed by handphone.. just wow!! Who is this Clairvoyant?? Raina take over and she use subtle persuasion to get what she wanted. Through persuasion, she managed to get Coulson volunteered. It appeared that Coulson also want to know want happened after he died.

Skye finally found out where the money goes after a terrible meeting with Rathman. He doesn’t know how to use a computer. Skye called the team to report what she found and it May pick it up (well, from Simmons actually). Coulson was being captive in an abandon nuclear test site surrounded by desert. Victoria doesn’t believe it but Ward suggest that they should split up. Victoria teams go hunt Centipede and Ward’s team go after Skye’s intel.

This a very scary scene to me. Coulson finally go to his subconscious and what waiting there is hell. Truly hell. It appeared that a machine, a very scary looking machine was messing around with his brain, altering something. The only thing Coulson said was “Let Me Die”.. Raina is getting close but Skye step in, interrupting the process. Skye’s intel was correct after all. Ward and the team arrived just in time to stop Centipede’s plan.

But, all of this with a cost. Coulson finally learned was happened after he died. A terrifying truth. Coulson finally back to his home safely with the team.

Truth is, I really scared watching this episode. I nearly puke when I saw the scene where a machine messing around with his head. Errghhh!! Well then, until next guys. See yaXDXD




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