Agent Marvel of SHIELD S01E12 “Sometimes it’s not a bad seed, just a bad influence”


After discovering his terrible past, Coulson shut himself in his office. Looking at his ‘dead’ photos, wondering why and how to himself. Coulson and the team received a new 0-8-4, where a pool suddenly freeze itself and almost killed a student. However, May will not joining the investigation. Coulson and she will have their own investigation while the rest of them finds out what going on.

So, in this episode we visited the SHIELD Academy, where Fitz and Simmons graduated. The brightest ideas came from this very academy. Also, to enter it you need at least a PhD in.. something. Yes, this is not for me, undergraduate student. Apparently, Agent Ward also graduated from this academy, only under Operations (Ops) Division. Fitz and Simmons was under Science and Technologies. Agent Weaver (Christine Adams) introduced herself as a supervisor in the Academy and asked Fitz and Simmons to give a lecture about the threats while Wards and Skye go digging.

Wards asked Seth Dormer (Daniel Zovatto), the student who nearly got killed by the pool about any threats around him but he denied such things. However, during Fitz and Simmons’s lecture, another student suddenly frozen. Using their intellect, they managed to save the student and destroy the device. they soon learned that the device’s material is funded by Ian Quinn (David Conrad).

Meanwhile, Coulson and May go Mexico to find the truth about Skye’s parent. We do know that whoever dropped Skye at the orphanage was a SHIELD agent and dead. There, Coulson talked about how he couldn’t take anymore secret and it got May thinking. She confessed to Coulson about having sex with Wards but at the same time, Agent Lumley (David Conrad), showed up. They having a little chase here and there, but finally they got him.

Wards ordered Fitz to befriend with Donnie (Dylan Minnette), the frozen victim. They talked a while, using some nerdy word that I don’t understand (I don’t if those words were true) and Fitz found a solution to Donnie’s power solution. Apparently, Donnie want to be a powerful machine. On the other hand, Simmons brought Skye and Wards to steam boiler room, where all the students release their steam and hangout. Kinda cool. They meet Callie, friend of Seth. She said that Seth and Donnie have been talking to each other how excited they were to finally seeing their idols, Fitz and Simmons. But, as far as Wards know, they only arrived yesterday.

From there, the team finally figured it out. Simmons called Fitz but it’s too late. Fitz was knocked unconscious by Seth. The truth is out. Seth and Donnie teamed up to build a powerful freeze machine in order to impress Ian so that he can be their patron. On other side of the planet, Coulson and May found out the hard truth from Lumley.

A long time ago, Lumley and a female agent, Agent Linda (with a team) went to a village in China because they receive a 0-8-4 notification. the villagers protected the 0-8-4 with their lives. The team massacre the village and apparently some unknown third party also searched it. Lumley and Linda finally save the 0-8-4 and bring it to safety. Apparently, the 0-8-4 was a girl, a baby girl. In order to keep the child safe, Linda made a invisibility protocol and send the child to orphanage. Lumley also warned Coulson that stay out of that child, because she only bring death to around her. Little does Lumley know, that baby girl is Skye.

Coulson tells the truth to Skye about what happened. The truth shattered her world but she is brave and courageous. Her reply to Coulson’s news is astonishing. “She somehow manages to repair a little piece of mine”, said Coulson. Now, back to the main threat. Seth and Donnie is dealing with a fail deal with Ian. However, Ian demand a demonstration to prove their worthiness. Only, what Ian give is just a false hope. The machine gives out a very tremendous, and dangerous outcome. Apparently, both of them succeeding in making a super-icey-storm.

Seth and Donnie tried to shut the machine down but failed. The machine exploded and it cost Seth’s life. The team managed to save both of them but landing in the eye of the storm. I don’t know how they deal with the storm. It’s just left out from the scene. Donnie is send to The Sandbox for surveillance. Also, Donnie get a new power. The power of Freeze.

Well guys, I think this a lot to take. I suggest you watch the episode for more details. Until next time, see ya.XDXD




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