Supernatural S09E10 “I’m a poison, Sam”


Supernatural is back with more answers and more questions. This week’s episode is kinda important to all of us. We do know that Sam is being possessed by Gadreel and Kevin is dead. And all of these are on Dean’s hand. I truly felt sorry for him. He is foolish but with a right intention. Right now, all he wants is to fix all of these. To do that, he need Castiel.

Meanwhile, Sam aka Gadreel is executing Metatron’s next order. Kill Thaddeus. Thaddeus possessed a rock star in this world but in heaven, he was a prison guard. Guarding angels who don’t do their jobs especially Gadreel and Abner. Apparently, Thaddeus tortured Gadreel from the dawn of time due to his mistake of letting Lucifer into the Garden. Gadreel hold a grudge for a long time, and finally got his revenge. Metatron already know about the Gadreel’s grudge and the task was only a gift to Gadreel. The next task is much more harder. Well, we will get to that.

Dean and Castiel discussing on how to tell Sam that he is being possessed. The discussion ended up with Dean prepare to kill his brother if that is necessary, until Castiel proposed a fighting chance. Maybe he can bypass the angel’s coding and talk directly to Sam. With that decided, only one thing left. They need Crowley.

With simple questions and observations, Crowley already know about Kevin’s death and Sam’s angel possession. Sweet, right? Crowley wants to make a deal. the coding bypass is more than art than science according to Crowley. So, they need him to do the art. In exchange for a little of fresh air. Of course, the chains is still on. Dean and Castiel reluctantly agree and now, they need a ride. Sweetly enough, Castiel just got the right taste. Haha!! unknown to them, one of the Abbadon’s henchmen saw them and the news arrived to her ears.

To begin with, Crowley led them to disguise NSA listening post. Apparently, Crowley put one of his men in top brass so that they can easily finds mark or even Sam. Meet Cecily (Brenna O’Brien), a very sexy, hot executive. Crowley asked about what going on with Hell and that’s how he know about Abbadon’s iron claw rule. Also, he able to pinpoint that Cecily is playing both side for her safety. Lastly, he able to get Sam’s location based on the brother’s car. Off to Pennsylvania then.

Gadreel was ordered to kill Alexander Sarver. Much to his surprise, Alexander is actually Abner (Dan Payne), his friend from the prison. A very close friend. And he got a family. They have a little chat and Abner started talking about how the angels got a second chance, to fix things rather than destroy. Abner advice was useless to Gadreel. Dean and Castiel found him dead but succeed in capturing Gadreel. Back on the office, Cecily is killed by Abbadon just because she didn’t like people playing both side.

Gadreel found himself strapped to a chair with some scripture on the floor facing the trio. Dean do the talk first, asking him to get out from his brother but with no avail. Finally, they move on to the actual plan. Crowley begins to stick needle to Sam’s head and the process gone for hours, I think. Until, it bear fruit. Crowley finally hit the right spot. Unconsciously, Gadreel start to say his name out loud, of course with angel language and Castiel is there to translate it.

Next up, speaking to Sam. Unfortunately, it don’t work. Gadreel was too powerful. Gadreel claim that he put Sam in a dream where he is working a case with Dean in that dream. This outcome lead to a next option. A demon possession. Dean is forced to make a decision and he did. Crowley possess Sam to warn him with a special word that Dean tell him. “Poughkeepsie”. It means ‘drop everything and run’. And Crowley if off. Pretty spectacular really. Right now, in Sam’s body, there an old timer angel and the King of Hell.

Crowley succeeding in finding Sam and tried to convinced him to wake up and remember. The clueless Sam follows the order. Unfortunately, Gadreel showed up. Even though being beaten up, Crowley still trying to persuade Sam. It finally work and Sam intuitively save Crowley from being beaten. Gadreel made a wrong move. He mocked Sam being a weakling and unable to cast him aside. Wrong move, Gadreel. Sam retaliate and finally forced Gadreel out of his body. Gadreel returned to his older vessel witnessed by Metatron while Crowley holds up his deal. And, Abbaddon arrived just in time, with a car. Seriously?? You  can’t just fly like always?? Why car??

Dean, Sam and Castiel make a run for it while Crowly hold her off. Wow, he such a good guy after all. Finally, Abbaddon and Crowley meet up face to face after a long time. Although, Abbaddon is incharge, Crowley still got the mojo. While Abbaddon was all about power and repression, Crowley is all about gifts and rewards. This method is quite useful for a campaign though. Crowley disappeared while ordering the demons to spread words about his homecoming leaving Abbaddon speechless.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean have a little serious talk. Dean justified that all happened by his hand and Kevin’s blood was on his hand, not Sam. Dean split up with Sam because he thinks that he is a poison to everyone including Sam.

What did I say guys, pretty heavy right?? But still I’m ok with it as long as Sam not being controlled by others. Stay tune for my next article. See ya XDXD




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