Supernatural S09E11 “apparently, Cain killed Abel because of Lucifer!!”


Sadly, Sam and Dean split up after Dean’s decision to carry the burden by himself. He promised Sam that he will find and kill Gadreel himself. Well, that’s going to be put on hold for moment because this is week episode was awesome. Too awesome!! The Winchesters never failed to amazes me.  this time, Dean will be partnered up with Crowley, the King of Hell. Of course, reluctantly.

Let’s journey back it time to 1863. Three soldiers in an isolated house were somehow afraid of what’s coming and one of them say “The knight must be protected”. What knight?? Then, came the threat. A man suddenly showed up inside the house. The soldiers was in fact, demons who tried to defend what’s behind the door. The man easily killed the three demons and kicked out the door to find something that he used to know.

We return back to the present and found Dean just sit comfortable in front of a bar. Suddenly, Crowley showed up. Dean rapidly preparing his knife but Crowley persuaded him because he need help. While looking around, Crowley apparently wants to bring Abaddon down. Dean already knew that Knight of Hell is immortal, even the Angel’s blade can’t kill her. Well, Crowley tell him that there is one weapon can kill her, the First Blade. Also, Dean’s father, John Winchester wrote down his encounter with this blade but with no details, just a locker number. Dean reluctantly agreed to help Crowley although deep down, he know that this is a trap.

Back at the bunker, Castiel surprisingly can taste every molecule PB and J (Peanut butter and Jam respectively) making him unable to appreciate the true taste normally like his human side once. Castiel tried to proceed the healing therapy with Sam but he sensed something abnormal. Something that resonating inside Sam while Castiel healed him. Castiel suggestion to tell Dean about this was denied by Sam.

Meanwhile, Dean and Crowley heads to John’s locker and their search leads to a picture entitled ‘Tara’. Well, Tara was John’s partner and in one of their job mentioned the First Blade. Later, through research Castiel explained to Sam about the abnormality. The fact is, when an angel leaves the vessel, they somehow left over a residue, a small portion of angel’s grace. Theoretically, that residue can be used as spell to track angel but the theory was never proven. Luckily, now they have a guinea pig which Castiel didn’t understand it at first. You are so cute Castiel!!

Dean and Crowley met up with Tara who well normally tried to shoot Crowley because he is a demon. Dean persuaded her and told their intention of coming to see Tara. It seems that to find the blade, you’ll need a spell which most of the ingredients already been gather by Tara except one, the essence of Kraken. Crowley easily obtained it and the ritual begins. The location is Missouri. The exact location, I don’t know because somehow they arrived at the right location.

Meet Cain (as in Cain and Abel), the father of murders- and also a beekeeper. According to Crowley, after killed his brother, Abel, he became a demon. Yeah, BECAME a demoneven Dean was surprised as I am. The best of the being the worst and the legend just.. disappeared until now. Cain welcomed the duo by serving tea and Crowley accept it with tremors. But, Dean wasn’t afraid of Cain and Cain approved his bravery. Dean told everything and Cain shattered everything by saying “I’m retired”.

Sam and Castiel were debating whether they should try the procedure. Sam was pretty dedicated to it seeing that he felt that he was the one responsible for all the past events. Castiel disapproved of Sam action because from his point of view, Sam is welcoming death. Castiel obeyed Sam’s determination. The extraction begins. As the grace was being pulled out, Sam was remembering his day before Gadreel possessed him. According to Castiel, the body tried to regressing to the state before Gadreel as he tried to extract the grace. Sam demand to continue.

Back to Dean and Crowley. They didn’t found anything when tried to sneak up the house except a picture of a woman. Preferably Cain’s wife. Cain saw that. And he was pretty pissed off. Not until an army demons came to the house. One of the demon got the info by torturing Tara. Pretty sick, right?? Also, Cain took a very bold decision. He want a test to see whether Dean is worthy or not (well, not before his twisted tongue of course). He just snapped his finger, three demons was facing Dean (in kitchen) and only one facing Crowley. Crowley finished the job rather quickly and just looked at Dean, who seems to have a bit of difficulty overthrowing the enemies. All of this happened while Cain preparing his meal. To top it off, he didn’t have the blade, at all.

Castiel nearly finished with the procedural but stop half way and straight on healing Sam who looked like he is dying. Castiel is now a change person. He can see Sam as human rather than a means to an end, he can feel guilty of what he had done and he can’t lose Sam because he is family to Castiel. the tracking spell didn’t work due to grace deficiency. But they will find another way.

Cain explained to the duo that the blade can only be used if the wearer have a mark, the mark of Cain from Lucifer himself. That make Crowley get ‘religious’ suddenly, which make Dean startled.. haha!! the blade is a bone. A jawbone used to kill Abel. This is where I must think that this is just a drama. According to Cain, he killed Abel not because he was God favorite but because Abel was talking to Lucifer. Lucifer was going to make Abel as his pet. Cain stopped him by making a deal. Abel’s soul to heaven and Cain’s to hell. Lucifer agreed but with a condition that it must Cain that ends Abel himself.

That made Dean thinking a lot. Also, because of this, Cain was promoted Lucifer’s first Knight. It was he trained all other knights including Abaddon. Then he met Colette, his deceased wife. The knights weren’t happy about it and he killed everyone except Abaddon who possessed his wife back at the isolated house earlier.

Later, Cain determined to give Dean his mark, the mark of a killer. Cain transferred the mark by shaking hands and teleported the duo outside the house while he trapped the rest or demon army and kill them himself. The blade apparently was buried deep inside an ocean and only Crowley can recovered it. lastly, Dean claimed that he saw Crowley manipulated him to get the blade (I already bolded the signs). Crowley admitted  and it left Dean with no choice.

Wow, this is one loooong review. I hope you can read it with ease. Until next time.. see yaXDXD



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