The Mentalist S06E12 ” Patrick Jane already chose his Airstream Trailer!!


This week episode was one of the coolest moments in Patrick Jane history. We do know that Patrick Jane already got his couch back, so what does he want now?? An airstream trailer. The reason because it have both an office and a vehicle. It can change the detective work as Patrick justified it. also, Wayne and Grace make a cameo it this episode. God, I really missed Grace Van Pelt.

this week episode, we follow a case concerning a mapmaker working in Pentagon’s subcontractor company, Charles Whitaker who died due to overdose of every recreational drug known to man. The FBI is interested to this man because of the security clearance that he supposedly shouldn’t have. Much to everyone surprise, Abbott got approval about Jane security clearance due to this case is related to Pentagon. A full clearance- and the first question popped in Jane’s mind, “Can you tell me about Area 51?”. He’s cute and adorable.

As always, the team went to the victim’s relative for more information. Meet Curtis Whitaker (Travis Schuldt), the victim’s brother. A very successful man and pretty much the loyal son of the family. Jane caught a glimpse of a financial newspaper and by the way he looked at it, we can predict the final puzzle of the case was already in his hand. Jane purposely said out loud to Curtis (while he was leaving the room), that he is the prime suspect leaving Kim and Lisbon speechless. Jane leaves the house with the newspaper leaving behind Kim and Lisbon’s procedural investigation.

At Cartesian Studios (where the victim worked), Kim and Lisbon were welcomed by Avery Schultz (Erin Way), the studio’s secretary. Suddenly, Lisbon got a call from Osvaldo Ardiles and he invited Lisbon for dinner. He want to meet up with Lisbon on a business purpose. Sounds kinda urgent. Then, Kim and Lisbon were brought to see Gabriel Quinn, the CEO of the studio. The meeting was dragged by interrogation led by Kim and Lisbon. In turned out, Charles was asking around about industrial espionage.

At the similar time, Jane was sitting in a coffee shop reading the newspaper. The paper revealed a hidden message and Jane invited Cho for some insight. they called Wylie to retraced the exact date on when the victim brought the paper. Later, Jane deduced that the newspaper was coming from a park south to the studio’s location. He was right all along. It turned out that Charlie want to revealed a spy lurking in the studio but got killed due to his bravery. Jane formulated a plan. A very illegal one.

Lisbon went on a date with Osvaldo that night. Osvaldo tells her that he feels that someone is following him all around. Well sir, that is the first stage of delusion that I will cover some time from now. Anyhow, he also complaint to Lisbon that his phone always hot and out of battery fast, leading him thinking that someone bugged the phone and listening to him. Lisbon then advised him to meet Wayne and Grace for more help because they specialized in digital security.

The next day, Jane move on with his evil plan. He planted the newspaper hoping a spy will come and pick it up- and it worked like a charm. A man picked it up and Jane purposely bumped into him and suddenly, shouting around claiming that man stole his phone. A nearby police showed up and the next thing we know, the man is in FBI’s custody. That man name is Hassan Zarif (Navid Negahban), a middle man that buy intelligence for his client. But, it was a dead end after all. Hassan will protect the client’s secret even it causes his life. Then, Jane came up with an out-of-the-box idea.

Jane purposed that the team make a false arrest to bring out the one who sell government’s intel. It’s smart but very illegal. Of course, Jane already figured that out. Cho and he later met up with Curtis and suddenly asking for a bribe. Curtis denied any secret but then, Jane whispered something and suddenly Curtis hit him. Cho arrested him for battery charges. Back at this FBI, Kim brief Curtis about the murder charge’s plan. For the greater good of the nation and his brother, Curtis agreed.

At the scene, Osvaldo met up with Grace and Wayne. Man, Grace looks very, very beautiful. Osvaldo again complaint about the bugging and all. Wayne said he will check on it. Osvaldo leave but apparently, someone was watching him all along.

Back at Jane, at the same park the FBI are waiting for the bait to be eaten- and it did. The rat turned out to be Avery Schultz. The reason for the treason was to pay her mom’s medical bill. Also, Yes.. after that, Jane already found his Airstream Trailer.

Unfortunately, things are not that good in California. Osvaldo was found dead in a dark room. Wayne was the one who found him based on Grace’s pinpoint location. also, Grace found something awful when trying to finds out who is bugging Osvaldo’s phone. Apparently, he was not the only one. All of CBI team was bugged- and the perpetrator is coming to hunt them.

Kinda filler don’t you think?? Haha.. anyhow, it is fun episode nonetheless. Stay tuned for our next review.. see ya XDXD



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