RoboCop 2014 ” Behold, The FUTURE and… a new color!!”

This week latest movie release is Robocop. Yup, I just watched it. My initial assessment about this movie was quite good, judging from the trailer and movie clips (mainly on IGN Youtube). A lot of my friends including my brother said that this movie was not worth your money but, I like to give my own opinion after I watch it. besides, people’s taste are different, right? But first, let’s move on to the summary of the movie first.


OmniCorp. A billionaire corporation that focuses on drones. They placed their drones all around the globes for the purpose of peace and control. But why not America?? Why America so afraid to drones?? Senator Hubert Dreyfuss (Zach Grenier) have put a law stated that no unmanned drones are stationed in America. This is due to Hubert’s clarification that drones don’t have any feelings as human, and can’t differentiate between right and wrong. Oohh boy!! OmniCorp are in big trouble. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where Alex Murphy fits in.

Alex Murphy(Joel Kinnaman) is a good father, excellent husband and an honest cop (well, basically an ideal human). He was investigating Antoine Vallon(Patrick Garrow), an illegal gun dealer when his partner, Jack Lewis(Michael K. Williams) is shot during their encounter with Vallon. This occasion caused chaos in the police department. His chief, Karen Dean (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) was really upset and demand an explanation while two cops, Daniel and Lakes burst in outrage due to Alex’s interference of the case. Related to this, Vallon murdered Alex by exploding his car. Alex suffered a severe damages of burn, permanent deaf, one-eye blind and two amputations. The report is explained by Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman), OmniCorp’s finest doctor infront of Alex’s crying wife, Clara(Abbie Cornish). Clara signed an approval to save Alex’s life.


OmniCorp is in the brink of bankruptcy if they don’t found a way to fix this. Raymond Sellars, CEO of OmniCorp suggest to put a man inside a machine and they just found a perfect candidate. Alex is restored to a full health with major changes. He transformed into a drone. Dr. Norton assured him that he is in full control regarding all his limbs. Alex resists but later accept his fate. In his demonstration to test out the new machine, it blows all the members excluding Dr.Norton. Somehow, he feel very wrong tweaking the inside of Alex, literally. Meanwhile, OmniCorp got their first, new prototype, a robot cop.


But, something went wrong. Prior to Alex’s introduction ceremony, Dr. Dennett upload PD crime database to his brain system. All went well, until overloading occur and finally reached to his final case, his murder. Alex went totally nuts and Dr. Dennett made ultimate call. He suppressed Alex’s emotion and behavior until he become a zombie. He only focus on his duty apprehending criminal ignoring all the fame that he received. Carla demanded to see his husband, but denied by OmniCorp. She also meet Alex face to face wanting him to meet his son personally due to his son PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This event lead to Alex recalibrating his own system and started to investigating his own murder.

Using the latest hardware, Alex easily tracked and eliminate Antoine Vallon. He also managed to dust off the two cops, dirty cops and also a dirty Chief of Police, Karen Dean but failed to killed her due to force shut down by Rick Mattox(Jackie Earle Haley). Sellars used this as opportunity to vouch for demoting the senator’s act and finally able to put down his drones on the street.

Sellars tells Dr.Dennett that RoboCop is no longer relevant, and sends Mattox to destroy him. Dr.Dennett reaches Alex in the lab first and has him brought back to consciousness, telling him everything. Alex, feeling betrayed, goes after Sellars.

Sellars has the Omnicorp building shut down and armed with drones. Alex manages to gain entry with the help of his former partner and other police officers. Alex reaches the roof, where Sellars is waiting for a helicopter and has Clara and David as hostages. Alex’s programming prevents him from arresting Sellars, but he manages to overcome it just long enough to shoot Sellars, killing him.


In the closing scenes, Omnicorp’s parent company, OCP, decides to review the drone and RoboCop program. The President vetoes the repeal of the Dreyfuss Act based on the testimony of Norton, who confesses everything they’d done in the RoboCop program. Alex’s body is rebuilt in Norton’s laboratory, and then he waits for Clara and David, who are coming to visit him.

Well, that’s all. Time for my opinion!! Personally, I found this movie quite boring. The graphic is truly awesome, don’t get me wrong. I salute the graphic. Remember when, Dr. Dennett showed to Alex that most of his internal was gone, the graphic is tremendously awesome and somehow gruesome. I can see the brain, lungs and heart. I ask myself, how the hell that these organs get their nutrients?? Then, I got my answer. At least, the director did a good job making the film to have some logic sense in it.

The characters is good but not great. The acting and the lines are quite predictable. However, Gary Oldman did a very excellent job impersonating Dr. Dennett. I felt his tension and rage when Sellars give a very nonsensical orders. Good Job!! The antagonists, in my opinion are just a filler. I don’t understand why there is should a suicide bomber in the beginning of the film and Pat Novak (Samuel L. Jackson) said the drones keeps peace. Seriously, what the hell was that??


The plot are linear with no twist. We saw a Sellars turning from a savior of his company to a greedy CEO who wants money. Antonio is just a filler. I think, even if he didn’t not show himself, the story would go just fine.

Well then, that’s all for now. I hope you have a very nice week. Until next article, see ya..XDXD

p/s: Supernatural, Marvel Agent of SHIELD review will be continue next week. And I have some new series to introduce to all of you..


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