Marvel Agent of SHIELD S01E13 “Deathlok was born!!!”

This episode’s style of storytelling is not new, and somehow feels very familiar to any other TV Drama. It’s time for my Marvel Agent of SHIELD review this week. Well actually, the episode is kinda past its week’s prime but whatever. Haha!!!! this time, Coulson’s team tried to take down Quinn, a very powerful billionaire and pawn to The Clairvoyant.

Coulson managed to track down a clue about Quinn whereabouts, indirectly. The team aimed at Cybertek Inc. where Quinn made a very large payment into an unknown device. Coulson’s plan is to track down the package that will surely land on Quinn’s hand. The location is on a train on its way throughout Italy. Ward and May will tracked down the package, Skye and Fitz watch over communication while Coulson and Simmons play father and daughter to oversee the operation.

During this period, the story divided into four interconnected parts where the plot will be rewind back to fill the missing plot. Sounds familiar, right?? We start off with Coulson and Simmons. After a terrific acting by Simmons and YES, you got to see the Cameo of Stan Lee (or at least I thought it was him), they managed to identified the man in charge of the transportation, Mancini (). May identified and ordered to follow the package. After a while, the communication was suddenly cut off. Coulson realized that and ordered Simmons to go where Skye and Simmons’s location while he go after Mancini to dining cart. He wasn’t there at all and Ward anxiously running towards him. Apparently, they’ve been made. Ward and Coulson jumped from the train as Ward noticed the bad guys is carrying a grenade. The grenade was tossed and the train is suddenly… vanish.

Let’s talk about how Ward know they’ve been made. After arriving at the train, May told him that she already told Coulson about the ‘thing’ between them. Ward just don’t have the word to express about it. then, Ward changed to a train conductor. It’s not long before a passenger need his help to carry the luggage. Unsurprisingly, Ward being ambushed by the passenger and tried to notified Coulson that Cybertek know they were coming. The communication is jammed and he tried to search Mancini at the dining cart. That’s when he is being chased by the gang and you know the rest. Coulson and Ward go back to the bus by luckily, a working car. Ward send the grenade remains to HQ (yes, he don’t know to operate Fitz and Simmons holotable). He also opened up about the ‘thing’ with Coulson and he warned Ward about it. then, Senor Euruso ()comes to tell him, he found the train but suddenly, May killed him. What happened??

After being ordered to follow the package, May realized that Mancini was moving from the dining cart. At the same, the jammed communication prevent her from sending the info. She was suddenly shot by Mancini’s member and was forced to jump out the train. There, she found Coulson and Ward frozen but they’re alive. May jumpstart a car to bring them to safety only to be surrounded by Euruso. He sold the team out!! Damn!!  May was tortured for a moment but able to escaped and follow Euruso to the bus and rapidly killed him before he kill Coulson and Ward. Then, they got info about the train and went to investigate. The found Simmons, confused and afraid. Why??

Skye and Fitz already found their way to a secure cart to oversee the operation and communication. During at this time, the communication was jammed and Simmons told them that they were made. A gang member managed to found them and after a struggle, the man tried to use the grenade but it backfired. Unfortunately, Simmons was caught up with it. after managing Simmons, the train finally stop. Fitz and Simmons watched as the package change hand and followed it to Quinn’s location. Skye determined to enter the house and stop Quinn while Fitz sabotaged the cars. Oh, did I mentioned that they put a tracker??

Skye followed the trails to the house’s basement and there she found Mike. Yup, the same Mike who got blown in front of his son’s eyes. Quinn was in there too. Quinn wakes Mike from the hyperbaric chamber and give himself a new leg, purchased from Mancini. Skye was happy that he is alive but at the same time confused because Mike doesn’t seem want to joined Skye. Mike left to execute his order while Quinn shots down Skye. Twice. And here I thought, Skye was going to be magical, seeing her as a 0-8-4. Mike killed Mancini and the rest. Luckily, Ward and his team arrived and arrested Quinn. Coulson found Skye, losing a lot of blood and Simmons put her in hyperbaric Chamber. Yup, the episode ended with a near-death Skye.

Meanwhile, Mike wishes to see his son was denied. The camera focuses on the newly leg trademark. It says Cybertek, Codename: Deathlok. I’ve looked into it, and somewhat confused. In the image, Deathlok’s face was covered with half mask on his left side while the right side remain untouched. But in this episode, it was the right side that got heavily damaged while the left side is untouched. I’m confused. Somebody helps me please??

Other than that, thanks for reading. Until next time.. XDXD


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