Supernatural S09E12 “Tension between Two Winchesters Continue!!”


Where is Garth?? The last time we saw him, he abandoned Kevin and the Winchesters. After 6 months, the first place we found him is in a hospital due to an accident. The Winchesters got the wind of it and want to find out what happened. It’s a little awkward at the moment, as Sam and Dean have departed ways on our last episode.

Garth is awake and managed to tricked the brothers and run away safely from them. Why?? Luckily, a security camera caught the action. As they much to be alone right now, they are force to team up and solve the well… ‘Garth problem’, as I called it. Sam checked with a farmer about Garth while Dean look out about the security footage. According to the farmer, his cattle was killed and only the organs were missing, as if someone was eating it cleanly and he saw Garth killed the cattle before the accident. Dean somehow lying to Sam about the footage but soon failed. The security footage show Garth and a car he stolen along with the model and plate number.

The brother barged in to Garth’s place and found something terrific. A werewolf. Nope, make it two werewolves. The truth is out!!! Garth is a werewolf accompanied with his wife, Bess Meyers (Sarah Smyth) who is also a werewolf. Another shocking truth, Bess is a born werewolf.

Garth begged and pleaded the brothers especially Dean into not killing Bess. He even invited Dean to Bess’s house to see how good Bess’s pack are. Sam was okay with it but not Dean. No no!!This is Dean we’re talking here!!  To prevent Dean from killing everyone, Sam investigate further while Dean decided to go to the house.

In there, he met Jim and Joy Meyers, Bess’s parent and her pack’s members. We can see that Dean was keeping his defenses up to a point annoyed Garth. Garth suddenly asked about Kevin and Dean gets all guilty about it and tells Garth about the consequences of leaving people behind. They die.

Sam and Dean didn’t found any evidence that indicate the pack was guilty of any killings. Not until, a police officer called Sam about a dead deer. Upon arrival, Dean’s examination conclude that the deer was recently killed and shockingly, the police officer turned to werewolf shockingly attacking the brothers. Dean managed to killed him and he found a silver bullet necklace. The same one wore by the Meyers’s pack. There’s a graving onto it. it says ‘RAGNAROK”.

Sam hurried only to find Garth and Bess were kidnapped and soon so was him. Dean on the other hand  found something about Ragnarok. It says that some werewolves worship Fenris, a wolf deity that will kill Odin and ended the human rule over the earth. Surprisingly, Jim Meyers’s silver bullet necklace does not have the engraving onto it. however, he was aware of the tale but do not follow it. but, it’s a different case with Joy Meyers.

I don’t know how, but Dean managed to find the trio, luckily managed to arrive just before Joy killed Bess. Simply enough, a short firefight between Dean and Joy resulted with the death of her. Sam, Bess and Garth were saved but Jim taking the news very hard afterward.

By the end, it’s just a filler to tell us about what happened to Garth, that’s all. Haha!! Sam and Dean are back together but to a certain extends. Sam doesn’t trust his brother after what happened and just following him due to jobs. It’s not about family anymore, not until Dean proven his worth to Sam.



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