Supernatural S09E13 ” Today I Realized That Fat Do Kills You!!”


Fats do kill. Surprise?? Haha!! following the last episode, Dean and Sam were on strictly business now will go on a hunt about fat people. What’s better most to start off the theme than none other the eating competition!!! Slim Jim Morgan (Kurtis Maguire) lost by one hot dog to the winner and accused him cheating. Although he got away with it but at the end, he wasn’t very lucky. His fat was sucked out dry by an unknown being, literally weighed him down.

Dean and Sam got the case via the net while Dean searching about, mark of Cain and ….crickets?? Anyway they met Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Brianna Buckmaster)and they were given the autopsy report. All the internal organs were damaged from the fat suction. Then, they off to Slim Jim. He is very slim yet very scientific to win any eating competition.  He is married to a gypsy and Sam’s thorough finding, led him to a Putsi bag. A hex bag used for cursing or can be used blessing, explained the wife who came over the brother’s room. So, both of them were list out in suspect’s list.

Meanwhile, another victim have emerged and died in same MO. Dean and Sam find suction mark on the victim’s back. Sam went investigated further into the first victim (yeah, after Dean HONESTLY told him that he was awkward around hot chick) while Dean interrogate the hot trainer. Sam was right, he did found suction mark on the previous victim and Dean found Canyon Valley, a place where you can be slim in just a week.

Sam infiltrate the spa by became a yoga trainer while Dean is on kitchen duty because…. He love food!! Meanwhile, the sheriff who was missing found herself in the spa treatment room. The technique was rather astonishing, using cupping. I thought it’s only used in Asia. Here’s another cliché, when the sheriff fall asleep, the owner Maritza (Anabelle Acosta) use her suction pump out of her mouth to sucked out the fat. DAMN!!! She’s a monster!! She’s the culprit!! Or is she???

Dean’s supervisor, Alonso (Joseph Julian Soria) often picked Dean as he is the new guy. The food for the workers also the same as the client, Alonso explained. Well, Dean, it’s time for some healthy food. BUT, not today!!  Dean managed to slipped some pudding while preparing the buffet for the clients. Sam found out something disturbing when teaching yoga. All the clients have the suction marks on their back. On his way to meet Dean, he stumbled upon the sheriff who blatantly exposed his cover. Oh, did I mentioned Maritza’s husband was there too??  A call save Sam while. An emergency call from Dean.

Dean have been drugged… by pudding.. sounds kinda cute. Sam managed to find him. the pudding contain some roofies to put its user to sleep. And apparently, the sheriff confirmed it when the brothers met her. The game is on!!!

Maritza’s husband notified her about the hunters. While Maritza destroying the evidence, her husband confront the true monster. Maritza’s brother, Alonso. To escape, Alonso killed her husband and flee to the basement. Dean managed to stop Maritza from destroying the evidence and Maritza spilled the bean to prove her innocence.

Dean: well then, what are you??

Maritza: A Pishtaco.

Dean: (somehow confused).. a fish taco???

Maritza: A PISHTACO!!

HAHA!! Dean is so funny… anyway, Maritza also told the boys how to kill a pishtaco. By cutting his suction tongue. A Dean did just that. They save the day again!!!

Still, the tension is high. Sam told Dean that he would not save Dean if the circumstances is reversed. Dean, felt betrayed… or at least I feel that way.. what’s going to happened?? Are Sam really want Dean to go away??



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